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Staff Benefits Calendar Photography Competition

Entries and Winners for the 2017 Calendar

The larger photos labelled with a month are our winning entries. 

Numbers have been used to identify each photo and are in no way related to the results of the competition.

1: ‘Winking Owl’ by Ross Davis, Porter at York Hospital

2: ‘Eagle Owl’ by Beverly Whitehurst, Team Leader at York Hospital

3: ‘Five More Minutes Please’ by Liana Copeland-Tozer, Receptionist at York Hospital

4: ‘Are You Looking At Me?’ by Rachel Dunn, Staff Nurse at York Hospital

5: ‘Walrus in the Arctic’ by Gayna Wallis, Senior Specialist Nurse Practitioner at Scarborough Hospital

6: ‘Right here Waiting’ by Marcee Tenorio, Bank HCA at Scarborough Hospital

7: ‘Goathland Lamb’ by Helen Scott, Radiographer Specialist at York Hospital

8: ‘Crows at the top of Saas-Fee Mountain’ by Rachel MarieWatson, Domestic Assistant at Scarborough Hospital

9: ‘Orkney Common Seal’ by RobynSotheran, Medical Artist at York Hospital

10: ‘Top Dog!’ by Jean Thomas, Clerical Officer at Scarborough Hospital

11: ‘Oscar’ by Paul Whittle, Revalidation Specialist Adviser at York Hospital

12: ‘Max, Horseshoe, Lake District’ by Liz Hargreaves, Associate Practitoner at Scarborough Hospital

13: ‘One of My Bees Resting’ by Colin Hargreaves, Porter at Scarborough Hospital

14: ‘Bella at the Seaside’ by Angela Jones, Medical Secretary at York Hospital

15: ‘Harvey’ by Teresa Bradshaw, Discharge Liaison Officer at Scarborough Hospital

16: ‘Highland Cow’ by Giles Farrington, Senior Operating Department Practitioner at York Hospital

17: ‘Bonnie and Meg’ by Tara Tempest, Senior Pharmacy Technician Quality Assurance at York Hospital

18: ‘Damselfly, Strensall Common’ by Ed Pearson, Assistant Systems Accountant at Tribune House

19: ‘I want to be booked into a hotel next time. Not addicted to camping!’ by Suzanne Burnett, PALS Adviser at York Hospital

20: ‘Beauty’ by Gill Ratcliffe, Health Care Assistant at York Hospital

21: ‘Me First!’ by Andrew Bradley, Radiographer at Scarborough Hospital

22: ‘Meerkat on Watch’ by Lynette Hughes, Service Operative Retail at York Hospital

23: ‘Butter Wouldn’t Melt!!’ by Martina Rogers, Staff Nurse at Bridlington Hospital

24: ‘Feed me....feed me now!’ by Amanda Dean, Production Assistant at York Hospital

25: ‘Untitled’ by Mike Lee, Operational Manager at York Hospital

26: ‘Crash Landing’ by Steve Hunt, Sonographer at York Hospital

27: ‘Look Closer’ by Anthony Pratt, Pharmacist at York Hospital

28: ‘Barn Owl’ by Anita Ogle, Deputy Sister at Scarborough Hospital

29: ‘The Mee Mees’ by Joanne Fairclough, Medical Lab Assistant at York Hospital

30: ‘Dominick, Waters Ward Mascot’ by Sheena Campbell, Health Care Assistant at Bridlington Hospital

31: ‘Pirate Pug’ by Barry Trory, Team Leader (Gardener) at York Hospital

32: ‘Chilling in Central Park, New York City’ by Steph Daglish, Health Care Assistant at Scarborough Hospital

33: ‘It wasn't me’ by Sharon Hepton, Cancer Pathway coordinator at York Hospital

34: ‘Ollybear’ by Katie Gautrey, Contact Centre Agent at York Hospital

35: ‘Harvest at Dusk’ by Steve Dodsworth, Improvement Facilitator at York Hospital

36: ‘Swallowtail’ by Alistair Charlton, Service Desk Technician at York Hospital

37: ‘September Sun’ by Eliza Bunt, Clerical Officer at York Hospital

38: ‘White Stork’ by Adrian Donoghue, Senior Information Analyst at York Hospital

39: ‘Nosey Cows’ by Viv Taylor, Clerical Officer at Scarborough Hospital

40: ‘The White Swan’ by Phil Butler, Pharmacy Assistant at York Hospital

41: ‘Myla’ by Leanne Timney, Radiographer at York Hospital

42: ‘We Must Save Our Bees’ by Eloise Rawling, Switchboard operator at Scarborough Hospital

43: ‘Talisker Cat, Skye’ by Elaine Peacock, Cashier/General Office Manager at Scarborough Hospital

44: ‘Buzy Bee….’ by Sarah Sheldon, Corporate Development Secretary at York Hospital

45: ‘Cooling Down at La Ponche, St Tropez’ by Kim Hodgett, Estates Office Administrator at Scarborough Hospital

46: ‘Red Fox’ by Grahame Wolfenden, Domestic Assistant at Scarborough Hospital

47: ‘Pig in Grass’ by Gillian Johnson, Sonographer at York Hospital

48: ‘In a Lap!’ by Nicola Walker, Radiographer at Scarborough Hospital

49: ‘Christmas Bunny’ by Liz Vennart, HR Manager at York Hospital

50: ‘Horizontals and Verticals’ by Karen Boyes, Bereavement Officer at York Hospital

51: ‘Amongst the Poppies’ by Claire Davies, Inpatient Podiatrist at York and Scarborough Hospital

52: ‘Wish Ewe were Here’ by Jennie Kusznir, Foundation Year 1 Doctor at York Hospital

53: ‘Koala’ by Victoria Pattison, Discharge Liaison Officer at York Hospital

54: ‘Robin’ by Gill Cryle, IT Service Desk Analyst at Park House

55: ‘Rainy Days’ by Janey Kemp, Staff Nurse at York Hospital

56: ‘Pod of Dolphins’ by John Javier, Health Care Assistant at York Hospital

57: ‘Meerkat At Thorpe Perrow’ by Carol Bloor, Staff Nurse at York Hospital

58: ‘He’s my Brother (swallows)’ by Lesley Carr, Therapist Assistant at Malton Hospital




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