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About us

Being open

Being open and the statutory Duty of Candour ensures that patients and their families are:

  • told about serious incidents that affect them
  • receive appropriate apologies
  • kept informed of investigations
  • supported to deal with the consequences.

Which incidents are relevant to being open?

Any patient incident that results in harm such as increase in length of stay by more than a few days or prolonged psychological harm.

The Trust has a statutory duty as well

Where a significant safety incident has occurred the Trust must, as soon as reasonably practicable:

  • notify the patient in person that the incident has occurred, and apologise
  • provide a true, clear account of all the facts known
  • advise the patient of what further enquiries and actions are planned
  • provide support to the patient and their family
  • follow up with a written response, an apology, and the results of further enquires.

What to expect as a patient involved in a serious incident

  • A discussion with a health care professional, which should include¬†an apology, an explanation, an action plan and listening to your views.
  • Written explanation, which includes a brief account of the incident, a further apology and an action plan.

Being open is an integral part of our culture of honesty and openness


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