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Exhibitions blog post

By Jodie Sheehan, University of York student

New Light Exhibition – Part 1

1 BLOG Emerson.jpg

New Light is an organisation that aims to make contemporary art more accessible by loaning pieces from their collection to public spaces free of charge. Since 2010, New Light have been adorning charities and hospitals with high quality art, allowing more people to experience the pleasure of walking among and viewing the work of emerging artists, while also helping to promote and celebrate the artists who contribute to the collection.

York Hospital has recently received a varied selection of paintings, etchings, pastel pieces and other works, which take their pride of place along one corridor of the hospital. A few of the artists have several pieces of their work on display; for example, Emerson Mayes, who takes inspiration from wildlife for his art, has three. Among these are an acrylic piece called A Day on the River, along with two other pieces which are more similar in style, entitled February Goldfinches and Jaunty Jay. The latter is perhaps my favourite piece on display. Its media is hand-coloured drypoint, which means the artist has used a form of printmaking using a sharp needle like appliance, and then coloured certain areas by hand. I love the simplicity of the piece, with the almost, but not quite, monotonous black and white base of the image, enhanced with the sparing use of colours. It is as though the use of earthy colour on the apples against a colourless earth indicates the comparable stability and permanence of the apples compared with the jay who looks poised for instant flight at any moment. The dash of vibrant turquoise on part of its wing gives the bird a sense of vitality, adding to its apparently fleeting presence in the scene. Therefore the piece gives off a sense of liberty and independence; the jay is free to take flight away from the grounded apples whenever it chooses.

Several other pieces are also centred around natural themes, especially local landscapes. For example pieces by Brian Gates and Erin Ward depict scenes of the Dale, with Gates exploring the panoramic expanse of the ocean, while paintings by Ward depict the Dale’s muted, serene tones. Artwork with these natural and familiarly local landscapes as their inspiration is perhaps ideal for York Hospital, as they remind patients of an outside world while they are stuck getting treatment. They help to detract from the usual surroundings of sterile equipment and waiting rooms by providing an open-air scene for patients to lose themselves in.


Exhibitions blog post

By Jodie Sheehan, University of York student

New Light Exhibition – Part 2

1 BLOG NL.jpgFollowing on from a previous blog, I would like to discuss a few more of the artworks displayed in York Hospital as part of the New Light Exhibition. Fittingly, given the name of the organisation, a running theme that I noticed in several the pieces was light, which I will explore here.

Light appears to be the central focus of Anja Percival’s, Interior Light VI. Percival has created a series of pieces of work focused around light, especially the contrast between artificial and natural light. Interior Light VI is an etching (wax resist on aquatint) of a chandelier against a bright window in an otherwise quite dark room. The contrast between the two different light sources, the natural window-light, and the artificial light of the chandelier creates an interesting dynamic within the piece, playing with the different shadows and highlights created by both sources. In some areas, the window light and chandelier light are indistinguishable, for example, the glinting beads of the chandelier, which are the focal point of the piece, are positioned in a way that seem to catch light from all angles. By contrast, the areas above and to the sides of the curtains are left in darkness, illuminated by nothing, creating an almost eerie atmosphere.  

While the chandelier is perhaps the epitome of the lavish, the glamorous, and the indulgent, the natural light from the window is perhaps glorifying what nature has to offer, the light we have at our fingertips. The fact that the windows are concealed by curtains while the chandelier is lit is possibly making a statement about the modern day refusal to make the most of the simple, inexpensive things we have, and instead indulging ourselves in what we don’t need. The room is otherwise bare and empty, so we are really forced to consider the light and nothing else. We are made to see a simple window, and something that is essentially just an electrical fitting, in a new way; both are important in that they allow us to see; there is a symbolic significance attached to this, as well as a practical one.

Maxwell Doig’s acrylic painting, Figure Reading on Grass 1, could also be said to incorporate a focus on light, though less obviously than Percival’s piece. The figure is lying on their back with the sunlight beating down on them, illuminating their entire body, and barely leaving anything in shadow. This illumination is reminiscent of a spotlight, as though the figure is being revealed to us, and yet this is strongly contrasted by the fact that they are covered from head to toe with a coat, hat and boots. The only part of them that is visible is one hand and a portion of their face, though even that is predominantly covered by the book they’re reading. This obscuration extends to the point where we cannot even be certain of the gender, emphasized by the title of the piece identifying them as an un-gendered ‘figure’. This conflict between illumination and concealment creates an interesting tension in the image, as though light is competing with the figure who does not wish to be seen, and is almost hiding away in their book.

Light is something experienced on a daily basis for most people, something that is probably taken for granted. In these pieces of work light is explored in interesting ways that provide food for thought. Something fairly mundane that is present all around is suddenly something that can be examined and marveled at.


Lesley Williams

This colourful exhibition comes from local artist, Lesley Williams.  Lesley studied Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University followed by an MA in Art and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University, and has gone on to work in the Art and Design industry for over 30 years.

Lesley Williams MONTAGE 2017.jpg

Lesley works in oil and acrylic to create semi-abstract paintings depicting the play of light found on the surface and beneath the water in pools and ponds. She explains: “I aim to capture a moment where the colours dance, detailing translucence and reflection, rippling movement and mirrored surrounding plant forms.”

This exhibition will be on display at junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between July and October 2017.  All artwork within the exhibition is for sale.  To enquire, please contact the artist directly.

To find out more about Lesley Williams click here.


Photography by James Sharp

James Sharp is an amateur photographer with a keen interest in wildlife.  He has prepared this exhibition in the hope that it will bring a little happiness to the patients, visitors and staff of York Hospital.  James is also raising money for York Teaching Hospital Charity’s children’s ward fund, set up to fund improvements to their facilities and environment.

James Sharp MONTAGE.jpg

James has been practising photography since childhood.  He explains: “My first Camera was an Olympus OM10, bought for me by my father. He and my grandfather used this camera to teach me the basics of photography.

“I progressed onto a Nikon FE Film Camera with interchangeable lenses, more suited to wildlife and landscapes.  I now use the modern digital range of Nikon cameras, enabling me to be more creative with wildlife photography whilst utilising the skills gained from using my film cameras.”

This exhibition will be on display in the People’s Gallery space between junction 5 and 6 of York Hospital’s main corridor until October 2017.

To see more of James' work please click here.

Hi Res charity logo large.jpgAll framed photographs within the exhibition are available to purchase for £40, with 100% of proceeds going to charity. 

To enquire, please contact the Arts Team via email.

 22 Line EXHIBITIONS.jpg

New Light Collection

New Light is a privately funded charity that supports and celebrates the artistic talent of the North of England.

The New Light Collection is a permanent collection of contemporary Northern art that is made available to everybody.  By placing high quality visual artworks in hospitals, schools and other public spaces the New Light Collection is able to reach more people outside of the, sometimes daunting, gallery scene.


This one-year exhibition in York Hospital will enhance the care environment as part of the far-reaching and important role the visual arts has to offer for improved health and wellbeing. Alongside the exhibition, New Light will be working with the Trust’s Arts Team to provide artist-run workshops and talks for patients and staff.

The New Light Collection was initially made possible by a generous donation from the Service to the Arts in Leeds (SAL). With their donation, New Light was able to purchase several pieces that represent some of the best visual art the North has today. Hang My Art has provided professional hanging and placing of the artworks to complement and reflect the quality of the selected pieces. We continue to add to the collection through generous donations from artists and supporters.

You can find this exhibition in the contemporary gallery space on York Hospitals main corridor between June - October 2017.

To find out more about New Light please click here.

New Light and Hang My Art logos.jpg


Artwork by Philip Wiseman

Phil Wiseman montage2017.jpg

Philip Wiseman was born in York and lived here all his life, completing his Fine Art degree at York St John University.

From an early age Philip enjoyed drawing and painting the world around him, nurturing this creative character through the years to develop a feeling for colour and atmosphere which is evident in his works.

Philip’s passion was painting landscapes, coastal scenes and still life, all of which convey an atmospheric content. He enjoyed capturing the superb light quality of the Vale of York, the rugged beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors and many other places he visited on his travels.

This exhibition reflects Philip’s interests in the effects of light and his personal vision of these beautiful places.

Hi Res charity logo large.jpgPhil passed away in November 2016 after a long fight with cancer. In recognition of the fantastic care he received from York Hospital and the Community Care Team, his family will be donating a proportion of artwork sales to York Teaching Hospital Charity to support Cancer Care Services.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Philip’s paintings, please contact the Arts Team via email or call 01904 725265.

This exhibition can be found at junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between April – July 2017. 

A further exhibition of Phil’s paintings will be displayed at Heworth Church Hall, Melrosegate on Saturday 19 August 10am - 5pm.  Please come along to see more of his work.

 To visit Philip’s website please click here


Collage by the Creative Corner

This display has been created to commemorate Philip Wiseman, whose exhibition can be seen nearby in York Hospital.  Philip was a talented artist who sadly passed away in November 2016 following a long fight with cancer.


Above: Original artwork by Philip Wiseman and interpretive collages by Creative Corner participants

Taking two of Philip’s original artworks as inspiration for the project, Distraction Therapist Anne Hutchison has worked with participants from the Creative Corner, an informal group run in York Hospital’s Cancer Care Centre, to produce these collages.

Anne said: “We thought hard about interpreting some of Philip’s work in collage as this is a medium we particularly enjoy. His colourful, textural work depicting familiar, enjoyable environments really inspired us.”

The Creative Corner is available to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, directly or indirectly. The informal sessions run between 1pm – 4pm on Tuesday afternoons in the Cancer Care Centre and can be a real benefit in aiding the recovery process.  The group is relaxed, having fun while creating original artworks and projects.  If you’re interested in attending please come along to a session, we’d love to meet you.

Thank you to Kath Masterson and Jude Saunders for their hard work on this project.

This display can be seen in our 3D space near junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between April – July 2017.

creative corner.jpg


Pushkar Mela by Sanjay Gupta

The Arts Team are delighted to display this collection of photographic prints by Sanjay Gupta, a Consultant Cardiologist here at York Hospital.

Exhibition on Peoples Gallerya.jpg
Exhibtion on Peoples Gallery.jpg Pushkar Mela (or Pushkar) is an annual five day camel and livestock fair, held in the town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan, India, where over 25000 camels are traded each year.

The fair draws thousands of tourists, photographers, camel traders, racers, locals and Hindu faithful who come to bathe in the sanctified lake Pushkar.

‘Collected here are a handful of images that I took from my trip to last year’s Pushkar Mela which aim to document the working lives of Pushkarites in the run up to and during the Mela.’ - Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay’s exhibition will be on display near junction 5 of York Hospital’s main corridor between April and June 2017.

To find out more about Sanjay Gupta’s photography, please click here.


Photography by Amanda Dean

­The Arts Team are proud to exhibit this collection of photographs by Amanda Dean.  Amanda works in the Catering Department here in York Hospital, enjoying almost 17 years with the Trust! 

Amanda Dean - website montage.jpg

In her own time Amanda is a passionate photographer, producing photographs predominantly of landscape and wildlife.

“I started taking photographs in February 2015 when I bought my first DSLR camera, completing a 10 week online Foundation Photography course with Shaw Academy.  I went on to complete an additional 6 week course, gaining a further qualification in Advanced Photography. 

“I use Canon cameras and L series lenses and am pleased to say that my photos have made 'Picture of the Week' many times in the York Press.”

This exhibition will be on display at junction 7 of York Hospital’s main corridor between March and June 2017.

To visit Amanda’s website, please click here.


Artwork by The Hut

The Arts Team are delighted to exhibit this installation created by members of The Hut in Clarence Gardens, York.

DSC_1052 - 2.jpg
­The Hut provides a safe space for people with enduring mental health issues and/or learning disabilities.  Members are encouraged to learn, socialise and develop new skills. 

“We strongly believe that everyone needs purpose in their life and that having a focus can help those with mental health issues to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

“We strive to offer art and craft sessions accessible to all our members, no matter what their skill level.  The final outcome is not the focus of these sessions, it’s the journey, the fun we have and the friendships formed on the way.” 

DSC_1051 - 2.jpg

To create this exhibition members were given blank hearts and asked to decorate them in any way they wanted; promoting choice, expression and individuality.

Members were asked a series of questions relating to their experience of The Hut and what mental health means to them. Each heart has a tag attached expressing their thoughts and comments.

If you’d like to find out more, please pop along to The Hut on Wigginton Road where the team will be delighted to welcome you. You can also email by clicking here, or vist the website here.

This exhibition will be on display in the 3D space near junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between February and April 2017.


Autism Exhibitions

The Arts Team are delighted to exhibit two collections in celebration of the artistic skills of those with autism. 

The exhibition features prints by Peter Myers, supported by Artistic Autistic.  There are also a selection of beautiful canvases painted by children and young people from York Ausome Kids, the autism sub group of York inspirational Kids.

These collections will be on display on York Hospital’s main corridor between February and May 2017.  Please scroll down for more information.

Peter Myers

DSC_1001 - 2.jpg

Peter Myers describes most of his art as abstract and introverted as he lets his imagination inspire his creativity, he describes this as ‘drawing blind’. Peter refers to his mind and imagination as constantly changing, shifting and flitting from one idea to another; like grains of sand sifting through his fingers, but he is able to capture the workings of his mind in extraordinary pieces of art.

For Peter, the most important aspect of his art is the process, the journey he takes from the moment he sets his pen to paper.  Art is fundamental to Peter's life, as expressed in his own words “ My interest in art helped bring myself out of myself, and I consider it integral to my existence. It is a very personal, direct connection, self with self, and here I feel whole, at peace with my own being, happy”.

Peter’s art is promoted by Artistic Autistic, a Student enterprise run by a team of volunteer students at the University of York.  Artistic Autistic sell a range of products, such as tote bags, coasters and prints, all displaying artwork created by Peter. Their aim is to spotlight Peter’s talent and raise awareness of autism.

Their #celebrateyourdifferences campaign encourages people to see their differences not as barriers, but as tools to be extraordinary. 

To find out more about Artistic Autistic please click here

Canvas Art by York Ausome Kids 

DSC_1005 - 2.jpg

York Ausome Kids is a Facebook support group run by parent volunteers in York and the surrounding area.  It supports the parents of children and young people with autism, Asperger’s and pathological demand avoidance.

As the autism sub group of York Inspirational Kids, it aims to provide a space for parent carers to interact with each other, ask questions and share information, all within a safe environment.  

Latest news from the local authority, health and government bodies as well as parent to parent support is available.  There is also information on groups, trips, events and grants.

Please join York Ausome Kids on Facebook to get involved.  To find out more, please click here.


Photography by Ros Garland

The Arts Team are proud to present this stunning collection of photographic prints by Ros Garland.  The photographer has been specially selected by According to McGee Gallery in York.

Ros Garland MONTAGE.jpg

“I was always good at drawing and I made pocket money from drawing portraits as a kid. I wanted to be an illustrator and probably could have made a living from it. I actually got invited to judge some local art society exhibitions, I must have been fairly well regarded as an artist. 

“Then one day someone my mother knew, said there was a traveller living on the Woldgate in Bridlington who had an interesting face and commissioned me to draw a portrait of him. 

"I was in my first year at Art College, I had to go out and take some pictures for my photography primer course that week anyway, it was cold and I didn’t ‘really’ want to sit for hours drawing outside. So I thought I’d go and take a photo of the man to draw from.  Mr Smith wasn’t that keen on posing for a portrait but he wanted a picture of his dog, so I photographed them both.   (It turned out that he was a cousin of another gypsy family I knew from my childhood).

“I took the film home to develop it myself. I had bought the wrong type, it was something called XP1 and they didn’t have the right chemicals at college. It’s a wonder the film survived. But my tutors were very impressed with the photographs and made quite a fuss. I can’t remember if that lady ever got her drawing, but I specialised in Photography after that. 

“I worked as a freelancer in Yorkshire and Lancashire through the eighties and nineties, photographing rural life and some of the traditional industries that were on the verge of disappearing at that point. I didn’t just photograph other people’s lives. I photographed my family life obsessively, my children as they were growing, not only birthdays and special occasions, but at play, fighting, first day at school, a visit to the dentists, ballet class, riding motorcycles. Because I used 35mm film, bought in 30 metre rolls and processed it myself, it was fairly cheap. I had ‘almost’ the freedom that carrying a smartphone camera gives everyone these days. 

“I went on to get my Masters Degree in Photography from the University of Derby. I was an early adopter of digital media, including VR which is becoming popular again. I still make photographs and I teach at the University of Lincoln.”

- The Artist, Ros Garland

Photography from Ros Garland is available for hire from £20 per month.  To find out moreplease click here.  To find out more about According to McGee Gallery, please click here.

This exhibition will be on display near junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between February and May 2017.


Art Therapy Yorkshire in Scarborough Hospital

The Arts in York Hospital are delighted to display this collection of artworks by individuals engaging with Art Therapy Yorkshire sessions.

Art Therapy yorkshire PHOTO.jpg

The artworks in this exhibition have been created by individuals engaging with the programs or services of Art Therapy Yorkshire, or those who are currently a member of one of their art therapy groups.

Art Therapy Yorkshire is a registered charity aiming to provide art psychotherapy for all age groups both from their studio base in Scarborough and through mobile services across Yorkshire.

Art psychotherapy is a psychological therapy which uses all types of art materials to help express thoughts and feelings.  Clients do not need to have any previous art experience or talent as an artist; the therapy is about communicating thoughts and emotions through different images and objects, with little focus on the final outcome.

This long-term exhibition can be found on Scarborough Hospital’s south link corridor.  To find out more about Art Therapy Yorkshire, please click here.

Arts Therapy Yorkshire - LOGO.jpg


Nostalgia by Dr Eirini V Kasfiki

The Arts in York Hospital are delighted to display this collection of paintings by Eirini Kasfiki, a doctor from York Hospital .

EIRINI montage.jpg

Dr Eirini V Kasfiki was born in Greece and has been living in Yorkshire since 2008.  Eirini is currently a medical registrar in Yorkshire Deanery and has created this series while working in York, inspired by the people that she had the privilege of caring for.

Painting and creating crafts is an activity she was taught by her mother. They paint in different styles and create crafts for friends and family.

To find out more about the artist, please visit her Facebook page ‘’World of Art’’.  To purchase or commission an artwork, please contact the artist directly.

This exhibition will be on display at junction 7 of York Hospital’s main corridor between January and mid-March 2017.



International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The Arts in York Hospital are delighted to display this collection of posters on the theme of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

DSC_0519 - 2.jpg

­Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated annually on 3 December around the world.  To mark this we are proud to show this exhibition of posters submitted for the Eleanor Worthington prize in 2015.

The Eleanor Worthington prize is awarded by the Premio Eleanor Worthington Association for work in the visual arts on the theme of disability.

Eleanor Worthington was a disabled Anglo-Italian young woman who was born in York, and died in Urbino, Italy, at the age of 26.  Beneath her disability she was of high intelligence and had a forceful and engaging personality.  Eleanor’s family, friends and school wished to transform her individual story into a collective experience with the aim of raising public consciousness of the issue of disability.  The Eleanor Worthington prize was established for this purpose. 

The work on display at junction 7 of York Hospital's main corridor was submitted for the 2015/16 prize, on the theme of ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’.  Work was submitted by British and Italian students and shown at the New School House Gallery on Peasholme Green in York.

To find out more about the Eleanor Worthington Prize please click here.

To find out more about the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, please click here.

 22 Line EXHIBITIONS.jpg

Textiles by Kat Wood

The Arts in York Hospital are proud to present this collection of felt and silk pieces created by York Textile Artist, Kat Wood.

Kat Wood website montage SMALL.jpg

Kat Wood creates her wall mounted felted pieces entirely out of merino wool fibre, drawing on a variety of wet felting and needle felting methods and techniques to create either detailed textured landscapes or delicate layered abstracts.

The bowls and vessels in the glass cabinet are also created by wet felting merino wool fibres.  In some cases silk fibres are mixed into the top layer to add different effects and lustres to the finished pieces.

Her silk paintings show a lighter, more playful side to Kat’s practice.

   ‘The method of silk painting that I use really lends itself to creating jolly, almost cartoony works. And they are so much fun to do! I have sketchbooks full of all the various characters and scenes that I will one day create on silk.’

Kat’s exhibition will be on display at junction 5 of York Hospital’s main corridor between  November 2016 and January 2017.  Kat’s felted works are also being exhibited at The Pyramid Gallery on Stonegate, York.

To find out more about Kat Wood, please click here.

 22 Line EXHIBITIONS.jpg

York Printmakers LOGO.png

York Printmakers are an informal group of printmakers, living and working within the York area. They aim to bring local printmakers together for encouragement, mutual support and collective projects.

Member’s work covers a wide range of subject matter and printmaking techniques including etching, lino, collagraph, monotype, screen print, solar plate, Japanese woodblock, lithography and more!

York Printmakers meet monthly in the Black Swan, Peasholme Green. To find out more, please contact the group directly.

IMG_3808 - 2.jpg

York Printmakers exhibition will be on display at junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between 3rd November 2016 and 1st February 2017. 

For more information on York Printmakers, please click here.


New Artwork by Renal Patients

Artist, Van Nong is employed by the Trust to conduct art sessions with patients whilst on dialysis.  We have regular exhibitions of their work in various venues.  The latest work is now on show opposite the Discharge Lounge in York Hospital.

Canvas montage OCT 2016.jpg

To find out more about our participation arts programme, please click here.


Artwork by York Learning

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this exhibition of artworks created in art classes around the city, provided by York Learning.

DSC_0244 - 2.jpg

York Learning provide a huge variety of courses and workshops for adults, ranging from ballet to bookbinding, chocolate making to GCSE’s...the list is extensive.

Some of their provision is work based; it’s geared to get people the qualifications and experience to get back into work or to progress onto college.  A lot of what they do however is firmly rooted in learning for leisure and pleasure.

The Visual Arts Curriculum provides people with many different creative options, working in various locations in and around the city and employing well qualified, professional tutors to provide people with the chance to express themselves creatively in a group learning environment.

Each year York Learning run two community arts projects, (currently, it’s Santa’s Socks).  They also run an annual exhibition called “ Inspirations”.  This enables them to showcase the work of their many learner artists.

The York Hospital Submission offers a glimpse into the range of work people produce on their painting, drawing and watercolour classes.­ 

To view a full range of courses please click here to visit the York Learning website.


Julie Lightburn

The Arts in York Hospital are proud to exhibit a collection of paintings by Julie Lightburn.

Julie Lightburn is a representational artist working mainly in acrylics and pastels; noted for her detailed landscapes.

DSC_0229 - 2.jpg

I feel privileged to have lived in North Yorkshire all my life and love to paint the local scenery that I find so inspirational . . .  and occasionally interesting holiday destinations around the UK.  More information about my paintings, and the stories behind them, can be found on my website.  

“I studied Three Dimensional Design at York College and Visual Information Design, specialising in Architectural Model Making, at Sunderland. Since which I have worked at York Modelmaking, where I now have my studio - next to Dean’s Garden Centre, Stockton-on-the-Forest.  (Open to visitors by appointment).

“I’m a member of the York Art Society; a very friendly group of amateur and professional artists, who regularly meet at Christ Church in Heworth. I enjoy the regular meetings with practical demonstrations by professional artists from across the UK, often picking up tips and new ideas.  I’ve also enjoyed taking part in York Open Studios for the last three years; loving the chance to talk about my work, art in general, and the sharing of ideas.”

- The Artist, Julie Lightburn

This exhibition will be on display near Junction 5 of York Hospital’s main corridor between early September and mid November 2016.

To find out more about Julie Lightburn, please click here.



Sculpture by Peter Donohoe

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of sculptures by York based artist, Peter Donohoe.

Peter Donohoe WEB PIC.jpg
Peter Donohoe graduated from Leeds College of Art in 1969 with an honours degree in sculpture, from that time he worked in mainstream theatre and the leisure industry as a prop maker and commercial sculptor.

In 2005 Peter left full time employment to concentrate on his personal work and to develop an alternative approach to figurative sculpture. Influenced by the early stylised publicity material from the film industry, his sculpture explores human relationships and the images and memories that these create.

Each piece is hand crafted from copper and pewter without the use of moulds or formers and consequently unique.

­­Peter’s work will be on display in York Hospital’s 3D space near junction three, between August and mid-October 2016.

To find out more about the artist, please click here.


Paintings by Malcolm Ludvigsen

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of paintings by York based artist, Malcolm Ludvigsen.

DSC_0130 - 2.jpg

Malcolm Ludvigsen is a plein-air oil painter best known for his Yorkshire seascapes and beach scenes.  Malcolm believes that working outside, directly in front of the subject, gives his work a life and vibrancy sadly lacking in much of studio work.  His paintings can be seen in homes and galleries throughout the UK and USA and he is the winner of the 2013 Oldie, British Art Award.

In addition to painting, Malcolm Ludvigsen is a professor of mathematics, gaining his professorship from the University of Linkoping in Sweden, where he worked for several years. 

“About 14 years ago I took a sabbatical from mathematics and started painting for fun. I think the thing that first attracted me was John Ruskin's exhortation that all men, as part of their morning salutations, should go out and paint a picture of the sky.  This sounded like a very nice thing to do, so I decided to give it a go, and I've not really stopped painting since.

“I find little incompatibility between my mathematical work and my painting: both are based on geometrical intuition, one internal the other external.”

– The Artist, Malcolm Ludvigsen 

This exhibition will be on display near junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between August and November 2016.

To find out more about the artist, please click here.


Prints by York Hospital’s Creative Corner

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of prints by members of the Cancer Care Centre’s Creative Corner. 

Creative Corner prints PHOTO.jpgThe Creative Corner is run by our resident project artist, Anne Hutchison, Anne runs the creative sessions on Tuesday afternoons between 1pm – 4pm for anyone affected by cancer.

A bit of creativity helps people to feel better and takes the mind off things, so if you’re interested in taking part please pop along and try it out.  There’s no need to book and the sessions are free!

This exhibition will be on display near junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor throughout July 2016.

creative corner.jpg


June Hardy

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of artworks by York artist, June Hardy.

DSC_0011 - 2.jpg
June Hardy works mainly with mixed media, utilising the qualities of handmade paper enhanced with gouache with a design aesthetic. Acrylics have been used for some pieces, again with the added depth which papers afford. 

In this series June studied the shapes and lines of boats on the east coast and in Northern Ireland and the paraphernalia within them, seeking shape, pattern and texture. She then turned her attention to the water, plants and rocks surrounding the boats and their interaction.  

June Hardy’s exhibition will be on display near junction 5 on York Hospital’s main corridor between July and September 2016.

To find out more about June Hardy, please click here.


Artwork by The Hut

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this exhibition of artworks by Clarence Gardens Association, known as The Hut.

DSC_1004 - 1.jpg

The Hut is a registered charity established in 2011 by three senior Mental Health nurses.  The charity was created in response to an increasing need for day facilities in York, their aim to provide purposeful activities and support for people with enduring mental health issues and/or learning disabilities.

The Hut offers its members a safe space to explore and engage with a variety of creative sessions that appeal to different interests.  They value and encourage all their members to contribute to the running of their sessions.  The art session is held on a Monday, the emphasis is not on being ‘Arty,’ it’s about coming and exploring art in a range of different ways and most importantly - having fun!

You would be very welcome to visit The Hut, pop in for a cuppa, see what they do and meet Jonny, the Activity Coordinator.

This artwork will be on display in our junction 7 exhibition space from 1 July to early September 2016.

To find out more about The Hut, please click here.

LOGO The Hut.png


Adrienne French

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of paintings by York based artist, Adrienne French.

DSC_0922 - 2.jpg

“My work over the last few years is concerned primarily with interpretations of landscape.  I base these interpretations on observations and memories of time spent both here in the UK and abroad, including   walks on the North York Moors, Dales, and Wolds throughout the year.

“Each year I choose a new county of Britain to explore and this visit often results in a new body of work. Landscapes observed during travels abroad and at home have provided a never ending source of inspiration. The range of mixed media and colour I use in my work reflects the textures and marks found in these landscapes.

 “I try to capture the essence or memory of a place, using the juxtaposition of imagery, colours and surface textures.

“I work in mixed media using textured mediums, oil paints and acrylics.  My pieces range from very large to very small scale work, taking inspiration from my iPad, sketch books and photographs but more often from memory and emotional responses to a specific moment in time.”

- Adrienne French, the Artist

Adrienne French’s work will be at junction 3 of York Hospital’s main corridor between May and August 2016.  To find out more about Adrienne’s work, please click here.


York Open Studios 2016

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to announce the arrival of the 2016 York Open Studios collection on York Hospital’s main corridor.

YOS 2016 on wall copy.jpgYork Open Studios is an annual springtime art event which has become one of the most visited in the city of York during the fifteen years of its life. During the two weekends it takes place, artists and makers show their work in studios and venues across the city. There is free access and artists welcome you to discuss their work or to make a purchase.

This exhibition features a taster of work on show during the Open Studios event.  All artworks are for sale, to make a purchase please contact the artist directly. 

To find out more about York Open Studios, please click here


Photography By Steven Eric Parker

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of archival photographic prints by Steven Eric Parker.

Steven Parker for WEB.jpg

Having worked as a photographer in Manchester and London Steven Eric Parker is now based in York.  Alongside his commercial and editorial work he is currently concerned with exploring urban and industrial areas to capture the work of street artists and the contextual impact this work has on the built environment.

All the works here are archival digital photographic prints and available to purchase framed or unframed.  Steven's exhibition will be at junction 5 of York Hospital's main corridor between May and July 2016.

To find out more about Steven Eric Parker, please click here.
 22 Line EXHIBITIONS.jpg

Shaping the Body

by Howe Hill

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of handmade fashion items and photographs by Howe Hill, coordinated by Griselda Goldsborough and in connection with York Museums Trust.

IMG_3096 - 2.jpg

Howe Hill for Young People is an inclusive accommodation and education project providing support for homeless 16-21 year olds in York.  The project helps those involved to achieve independent living and long term goals through focusing on personal responsibility and change. The service forms part of York’s multi-agency Young People's Resettlement pathway.

Participants from Howe Hill worked with local community artist, Griselda Goldsbrough at six creative art workshops during March and April 2016.  The young people created fashion items inspired by themes from York Castle Museum’s Shaping the Body exhibition, showing off their creations at a catwalk show at the pre-view of the exhibition.

This exhibition runs from April to June 2016 in the 3D space on York Hospital's main corridor.



By Refugee Action York

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this exhibition of photographs by Richard Moran as part of Refugee Action York’s Identity project.

DSC_0807 - 2.jpg

Refugee Action York (RAY) was founded in 2002 to challenge the myths and misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers and to raise awareness of the contribution these people make to our society.  RAY 4 Corners Youth Group runs in partnership with City of York Council for secondary school age young people from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds.

Community artist, Griselda Goldsborough, worked with RAY 4 Corners Youth Group to coordinate and deliver six creative art workshops as part of their community engagement project, Identity.  Using York Museums Trust’s Shaping the Body exhibition as a focus, the young people were introduced to collections through art based activities, object handling and discussions.

Each session explored different areas of identity, including collaboration with photographer, Richard Moran, to capture portraits that explored their own identity.

This exhibition will be on display at junction 7 of York Hospital’s main corridor between April and June 2016.  To visit Richard Moran’s website, please click here.


The Hindu Festival of Holi

by Avijit Datta and Sanjay Gupta

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to present this vibrant collection of photographs by two of York Hospital’s very own Consultants, in celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi.

Holi ( Holika) is a  Hindu spring festival, which is celebrated with a bonfire, feasting and a multitude of coloured vegetable powders which are applied in a joyous manner to friends.  It remembers the piety of Prahlad, who by the power of prayer survived incineration on a bonfire on which he had been placed by Holika.  It is now celebrated globally, and coloured powders form a part of many music festivals worldwide at all times of the year.

DSC_0775 - 2.jpg

Avijit Datta

Dr. Avijit Datta, Consultant Physician and Chairman of York Interfaith, took interest in art and optics from childhood, when he won a competition. This, combined with an interest in world faiths, has led to development of religious and contemplative photography.  To see more of Avijit's work, please click here.

Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta is a Consultant in Cardiology with a keen interest in photography.   “Capturing photos has allowed me to see the beauty of things, to pay attention to details, colours and light in a whole new way.  It feels like a veil has been lifted and I see what I was missing for all those years before. Photography has changed the way the world sees me and the way I see the world."  To see more of Sanjay's work, please click here.


Down's Syndrome Awareness Exhibition

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to present this collaborative exhibition in celebration of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week (20 – 26 March 2016).

Exhibition FLYER OUTLINE.jpg

Our thanks go to everyone who’s contributed, from the artists themselves to the inspiring people pictured in these beautiful paintings and photographs and all those sharing information to help us raise awareness.

Monday 21 March 2016 marks the 11th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day.  Each year the voice of people with Down’s syndrome, and those who live and work with them, grows louder.

Down Syndrome International encourages their friends all over the world to choose their own activities and events to help raise awareness of what Down’s syndrome is, what it means to have Down‘s syndrome, and how people with Down’s syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities.

To find out more about Down’s syndrome, please click here.  To find out more about world Down’s syndrome day, please click here.

To read more about the artists included in this exhibition, please scroll down.

DSC_0739 - PS full exhibition.jpg

'Downright Marvellous Too'

by Sue Clayton

Sue Clayton is a York based fine artist with a large collection of portraits of people with Down’s syndrome.  Following on from the success of her ‘Downright Marvellous’ exhibition at City Screen in 2015, she is proud to exhibit her latest work here in York Hospital in celebration of those with Down’s syndrome.

Sue hopes the vibrancy and character of her models shines through in her portraits and that you enjoy them as much as she enjoyed creating them.  Sue’s son James appears in ‘The Footballers’ painting.  James has Down’s syndrome and has been the inspiration behind both exhibitions.

Sue enjoys sharing her passion for art through tutoring sessions and teaching for York Learning and Skills.  In addition, she enjoys visiting schools, groups and care homes to deliver art lessons.  She also teaches on a one to one basis from her studio.

To commission a portrait or to see the paintings from Sue’s City Screen exhibition, please visit her website by clicking here.    

DSC_0744 - PS Dan.jpg

'Three Two One'

by Dan Sharp

Dan Sharp is a fine art portrait and editorial photographer based in Yorkshire.  Dan produced these photographs especially for this exhibition, working with local people with Down’s syndrome.  Dan visited subjects at their own home and supplied each of them with a disposable camera which they used to capture some of their own photographs.  These photos are also on display within the exhibition.

“Down’s syndrome is an interesting condition. While it is one of the most well known genetic disorders, it can often be misunderstood and misrepresented.

”Sometimes regarded as debilitating and restrictive, it can be quite the opposite. The perceived problems and incongruities in the lives of those with the disorder are in fact no different from anybody else’s. Sometimes they aren’t even barriers at all, and in reality it is those looking on who have an issue to overcome. Learning to live independently, being part of a community and solemnly caring for those around you are some of the basic building blocks for living a good life. I do not see Downs as an obstacle to achieving that, but rather a reason to try to break down the social and mental walls around you and strive to simply live life.

“Growing up with a Down’s brother has perhaps skewed my perspective somewhat, but that is surely to my benefit for I have been allowed the opportunity to look and to listen and to experience things that others seldom see. People often shy away from that which they do not understand – like a frightened child hiding behind the sofa, scared to look. But in my experience I see nothing to fear and, in fact, probably something to celebrate.”

- The Artist, Dan Sharp

To learn more about Dan Sharp or to commission your own photography session, please visit his website by clicking here.

DSC_0738 - PS.jpg


by David Kenward

David Kenward is a York-based photographer with Down’s syndrome. He attended mainstream school throughout his education and went on to become a founder member of the arts and crafts Co-operative, Blueberry Academy.

In 2012 David became involved with Heart & Sold, an initiative to showcase the artistic work of people with Down’s syndrome.

Through Heart & Sold David has seen his work exhibited globally, including venues in Manchester, London and New York!  In 2015 David won the National Down’s Association ‘My Perspective’ photography competition with his photograph ‘Misty Minster’.

David has a passion for wildlife and wild places, keen observational skills and an eye for detail.  His aim is ‘to make people feel happy when they look at my photographs’ so this selection, chosen with people in hospital in mind, is an attempt to showcase his varied work but mostly to help make people happy.

David sells his pictures through his co-operative shop ‘Blueberry at Silver Street’, 5 Silver Street York, and limited editions are available via the Heart & Sold website. He also sells them privately through his website.

To visit Davis Kenward's website, please click here.

Our Down’s Syndrome Awareness exhibition will be on display on York Hospital’s main corridor until 2nd May 2016.

‘The Man Who Dreamt Upside Down’

by Jack Rinaldi

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this poster by Italian student, Jack Rinaldi, as part of their Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week exhibition.


This beautiful poster comes from a collection recently exhibited at the New School House Gallery in York, showcasing entries from the Eleanor Worthington Prize.

Eleanor Worthington was born in the UK and lived for many years in Italy.  She had a severe form of epilepsy and learning and behavioural difficulties, beyond this she was a person of high intelligence and sensibility, and with a great force of personality.

Eleanor’s family, friends and school wanted to transform her individual story into a collective experience, with the aim of raising public consciousness of the issue of disability. To this end, they instituted the “Eleanor Worthington Prize”, run in collaboration with the Liceo Artistico Scuola del Libro and with the patronage of the Urbino Local Authority.

This poster was created for the 2015 competition with the theme of December 3rd (International Day of Persons with Disabilities).  The hospital will be exhibiting a wider collection in December 2016 in celebrationof this day.

“A young man with Down’s syndrome dreams of being able to touch the upside down world, a reality which he considers different from his own, even though he already belongs to it, even though he is unaware of it. Society tends to label the world, by toppling over and selecting, biasing and discolouring those that I would be so happy to call “human values”, building a stepladder of greys which only include black and white.”

– The Artist, Jack Rinaldi

To find out more about the Eleanor Worthington Prize, please click here.


New Collection from York Photographic Society

The Arts Team are proud to announce that the York Photographic Society exhibition between junctions 7 and 8 of York Hospital’s main corridor has been updated.

YPS 2016 montage2.jpg

The new photographs reflect a theme of nature, bringing a very calm and relaxing feel to the South entrance.

We would like to thank all members of York Photographic Society for contributing to this exhibition.  As ever they’ve been a joy to work with and lent us some truly beautiful photos.

To find out more about York Photographic Society, please visit their website or follow them on Twitter @photo_york.


According to McGee presents:

Samantha Swales Snowden

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to link with According to McGee gallery to present this vibrant collection of paintings by Samantha Swales Snowden.

DSC_0699 - 2.jpg

With instinctive and uncontrolled brush strokes, building on flatter plains of colour, the art of Samantha Swales Snowden is well regarded by collectors of contemporary painters, with healthy sales reflecting her growing reputation. 

To find out more about According to McGee gallery, please click here.

You can find Samantha Swales Snowden’s work on York Hospital’s Main corridor between junctions 5 and 6, on display throughout February 2016.


Circular Paintings by William Goldsbrough

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a selection of circular paintings by William Goldsbrough.

DSC_0705 - 3.jpg

William trained in Fine Art and Sculpture in Hull. He paints and teaches Art in the North East.   Amongst many other influences he is interested in Op art - artists Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley in particular.  

William enjoys considering the full illusion of depth, movement, and three-dimensionality through precise combinations of lines, geometric shapes, colours, and shading. In these two circular pieces he plays with geometric abstraction, creating an accessible visual language.

William Goldsbrough’s paintings will be on display between junction 5 and 6 of York Hospital’s main corridor during February 2016.


Photography by Ralph Whitty

Scarborough Hospital

Ralph Whitty exhibition.jpg

Ralph Witty is a local photographer who has worked in the health service for 30 years.  He has an interest primarily in landscape photography which centres around the Yorkshire Coast and beyond.  This collection has been put together to raise funds for Scarborough Hospital’s own charities.

Ralph Whitty  - website.jpg

A3 size prints, as seen in this gallery, are available for £15 each.  A4 mounted prints can also be purchased from Scarborough Hospital’s staff shop for £10 each.  To contact Ralph, please click here.

grey line.jpg


'Wildflowers' by David Lyon

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this collection of paintings, drawings and limited edition giclée prints by David Lyon.

DSC_0662 - 2.jpg

­David Lyon is a fine artist based in Leeds. He studied Art at Bolton College of Art and Design, before completing a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic. He went on to build a career as an illustrator and designer and began exhibiting his paintings and drawings in 1997.

David Lyon is inspired by organic shapes and forms.  References to the natural world often spark his interest. Ideas connect, breed and grow, transform. He daydreams how best to take ideas forward, to make them exist as paintings or drawings.

The drawings, paintings and prints on display are from a series called “Wildflowers”. They were developed over a period of time in response to a desire to create images that were uplifting and decorative, that spoke of a life enhancing celebration of the natural world, but possibly a world that is overlooked or that we find commonplace.

One piece from the “Wildflowers” series will be donated to York Hospital and a donation from all sales will go back to the hospital.

All original pieces displayed here are available to purchase.   They are also available as limited edition giclée prints (edition of 100), numbered, titled and signed by the artist.  A range of greeting cards and a 2016 calendar is also available.  For more information please contact the artist directly by clicking here.  To find out more about the artist, please click here.

This collection will be on display between January 2015 and April 2016 at Junction 3 of York Hospital's main corridor.

‘Your Hospital’s Got Talent’ Exhibition arrives in Selby

The popularity of the ‘Your Hospital’s Got Talent’ exhibition continues as we install a digital version in Selby Hospital.

The staff at Selby Hospital requested the exhibition be displayed there in future years.  Not wanting to disappoint the Arts team made a slide show of all entries which is running on a digital photo frame in the staff area.

YHGT in Selby 1 - 2.jpg

The team would like to thank Linda Pearson, Staff Nurse at Selby, for suggesting the idea and supporting the planning and installation.

We hope everyone in Selby enjoys the exhibition and we will be looking out for your entries in the next exhibition in 2017!

‘Water Lilies’ by Lesley Williams

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by Lesley Williams.

DSC_0539 2.jpg

Lesley Williams was born in York, gained a BA (Hons) in Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University and later an MA in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University.

This body of work is a further development of a series of semi-abstract paintings concerned with the translucent qualities of colours found in gardens. These works based on lily ponds show an interest in spatial dynamics as well as the reflective qualities of water within the plant forms. She tries to engage the viewer into looking through and beyond the immediate surface.

You can see Lesley William’s collection on the main corridor of York Hospital between December 2015 and March 2016. To contact the artist directly, please click here.

Sudeshna Chattopadhyay

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by York Artist, Sudeshna Chattopadhyay.

Sudeshna Chattopadhyay was born in India and lived there until 2000.  She lived in Alicante and Mexico City for the next six years. Her daughter was born in 2005 and the following year she moved to York.

DSC_0478 - 2.jpg

She says her paintings are like pages in her diary through which she negotiates and explores everyday feelings associated with the experiences of relationships.

She uses acrylics and oils to work in a playful way exploring their materiality and juxtaposing thick paint with thin to create an interesting contrast on the surfaces of her paintings.

Her chosen palette consists of pastel shades as she sees them as colours which offer a quiet and contemplative mood to the viewer’s eye.

She prefers to let the viewer give meaning to her work in time and space; after all, she is of the view that what a piece of work means to her keeps changing.

Sudeshna recently graduated with a BA (First Class Hons) in Contemporary Fine Art by York St John University.

Her work is found in private collections all over the UK.

 For more information on Sudeshna Chattopadhyay, please click here.

This collection is available to view on Junction 7 of York Hospital’s main corridor between November 2015 and January 2016.

Photography by Chris Ceaser

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of photographs by landscape photographer, Chris Ceaser.

CC- DSC_0427 - 2.jpg

Born in Rotherham, Chris Ceaser has lived in Yorkshire all his life, currently working from his gallery at 89 Micklegate, YO1 6LE. 

”I am an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society and my passion is landscape photography.  I am driven and heavily influenced by the stunning northern landscape with all that it has to offer; from the heather-filled Yorkshire moorlands to the vast, sweeping valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, and from the cliff-laden Yorkshire Coast to the powder fine sands of Northumberland.

 “The making of a photographic image is a little like going on a journey. The emphasis is on making the image when the light is at its best. Good camera technique, and the correct use of filters means that the photographer can capture a scene as it was, without the need for excessive post processing in software. 

“The work you see on display here is printed on a combination of fine art archival media, including museum grade cotton based matte and semi-lustre papers. I print using an Epson Pro 7900 gravity fed, wide format printer for the very best results with regard to longevity, accuracy and colour. The printer uses 11 HDR Pigment inks for unsurpassed colour rendition, and the prints will last for up to 200 years under glass”.  - Chris Ceaser

All work on display can be purchased in either framed or mounted options in a range of sizes from 14x11 inch to 39x28 inch.

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital until Januray 2015. For more information about Chris Ceaser, please click here.

World War I Exhibition

CC- DSC_0346.JPG

The works in this exhibition have been brought together as part of the continuing centenary of World War I.  The six framed artworks on display are lithographs by renowned World War I artist, Claude Shepperson.

Shepperson was a landscape and figure painter, illustrator and print-maker. He created this collection in 1917, titling the series ‘Tending the Wounded’. The prints follow the journey of a wounded soldier from the Front Line, through treatment, to convalescence back at home.

‘Tending the Wounded,’ form part of the portfolio ‘The Great War: Britain's Efforts and Ideals,’ a series of 66 lithographic prints commissioned by the Ministry of Information in 1917. The series provide a broad and fascinating representation of Britain’s war objectives, military activities and effort on the Home Front.

These six pieces are also on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Britain. They are being displayed here in York Hospital on loan from Sue Greenhow.

The acrylic panels between each Lithograph contain photographs and information regarding World War I, and specifically the impact that the war had on York. The written content and photographs on these panels is all courtesy of York Museums Trust (YMT).

All of the items on display in the case are from the archives of York’s Castle Museum, part of York Museums Trust. These items have been generously lent to the Hospital by YMT to display alongside the wall mounted pieces.

These pieces link into the current display in York Castle Museum, a fantastic exhibition titled ‘1914, When the World Changed Forever.’ For more information, please visit

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital until December 2015.

Canvas Art by Mill Lodge

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display this beautiful collection of canvases by inpatients from Mill Lodge.


Mill Lodge is a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) inpatient unit.  Patients are aged between 13 and 17 and are admitted with a variety of conditions including; anxiety, depression, eating disorders and psychosis.

The Arts in York Hospital visited Mill Lodge on several occasions to meet the young people and join their art sessions.  A ‘summer’ theme was chosen for the exhibition, largely because the sessions were conducted during their summer break.

Creating the exhibition provided patients with opportunities for team work, social communication and enjoyment.  All of which are important in assisting their journey to recovery.

To find out more about young people’s mental health and wellbeing, please click here.

This exhibition will be on display on Junction 7 of the hospital’s main corridor until November 2015.

100 Rabbits by Jacob Lomax

All 100 soft-toy rabbits that you’ll see in this exhibition have been lovingly handmade by Jacob Lomax, a third year Fine Art student from York St John University. 

Each rabbit is unique, as we all are, made up of differing materials and colours but all cut from the same pattern. The artwork is intended to be based on charity, oneness and above all a celebration of our differences.

Bunny exhibition 7.JPG

The rabbits will be displayed on the hospital's main corridor near Junction 3 for several weeks.  Then, on October 22nd there will be an opportunity to get your hands on one.  The Arts Team will be selling 50 rabbits from the Hub in Ellerby’s Restaurant between 10am and 2pm.  Sales will stop when 50 have been sold.  The remaining 50 will be given as gifts to the patients of York Hospital. 

All funds raised will go to the Arts in York Hospital, helping the team to continue their work in improving the hospital environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Your Hospital's Got Talent 2015

Following the success of the 2014‘Your Hospital’s Got Talent’ exhibition, The Arts in York Hospital have once again been asking staff members ‘have you got a talent or hobby that you’re proud of?’

Exhibition on wall.JPG

We are delighted to present this beautiful collection of rich and varied talents from across the Trust and hope you enjoy exploring the amazing activities our staff partake in outside of the hospital environment.

The exhibition will be on display near Junction 3 of the Hospital’s main corridor between August and October 2015.  To access the collection online, please click here.

‘Cats of York’by Stan Young

This fun and informative exhibition has been created by York resident, Stan Young.

Sept 15 Stans Cats.jpg

Stan Young put together this collection detailing the fascinating ‘Cats of York’ sculpture trail that meanders through the city. He has collected information about the trail from a myriad of sources, including from York residents, the sculptor Jonathan Newdick and Brook Adams, the son of the late Tom Adams.

The result is a fantastic compilation providing interesting facts, historical snippets and photographs of some of the city’s sculptural felines.

If you would like to walk the cat trail yourself, you can download a map here or pick one up from York Glass on the Shambles.

Stan's exhibition will be on display in the community exhibition space near Junction 7 of the main corridor.  It runs between August and mid October 2015.

Van Nong

Sept 15 Van Nong.jpgThis tableau/installation celebrates the work of artist, Van Nong, exploring themes of heritage, East/West myths and symbolisms, identity and displacement.

Primarily a stone/wood carver, Van works in various medium and techniques to convey his ideas of being a dual national, mixing popular cultures – films, TV, music, comics, literature – from the East and West, often with a touch of humour and pathos.

Here, the influence is the popular story of the Monkey King, a cultish tale about how a monkey, borne out of stone, helped to bring Buddhism to China (shown on British TV as Monkey Magic). This is combined with the proverbs of the Three Wise Monkeys, “monkey on your back”...  There is even a hint of the chimps in the PG Tips advert.

Van is also the Art Development Officer for the Renal Unit at York Hospital, and a freelance artist running workshops with community groups.

You will find Van’s exhibition in the 3D exhibition space near Junction 3 on the main corridor.  It will run between August and mid October 2015.  To contact the artist, please click here.

NY Imges UK

NY Images UK are a local photography collective. Their photographs were first installed on the old blood taking corridor in Outpatients last year.  The collection was removed temporarily and is now back on site with a refreshed natural theme.

Sept 15 NY Images.jpg

Photography by Simon Palmour

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of photographs by Simon Palmour. 

Simon Palmour has worked as a photographer for 30 years. His photographs have been published and exhibited at venues including the Royal Geographical Society and Lumen Gallery in London.


Most of the works shown here in York Hospital are from a new group of stark colour images, often focusing on one colour.  A theme of this work is ambiguity – of scale, of subject, of point of view. The aim with many of the images is to invite contemplation, to reward repeated consideration.

These limited edition works are all available in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed, print, acrylic or canvas.

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital until October 2015. For more information about Simon Palmour, please click here.

Steve Williams

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by Steve Williams, a York based artist whose work is exhibited by a number of contemporary galleries in the region.

steve williams exhibition.JPG
“I am an instinctive painter.  My pictures take form through the process of painting, not through strict adherence to a fully formulated plan.   I aspire to infuse my pictures with fluidity, energy, colour and texture. My aim is to achieve a balance, a harmony and a completeness that encapsulates the essence of what I feel.”  - Steve Williams

Steve Williams paints using acrylics, palette knives and brushes, often working in layers which he weaves together to create a cohesive yet abstract representation.

Steve is greatly inspired by the dramatic landscapes and coastline of North Yorkshire, and strives to create paintings that encapsulate what he feels about a particular place and time.

Steve Williams.JPG

Steve is offering all NHS staff a 10% discount on the purchase of any of his exhibited artworks as a sign of his appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

“I'm really pleased to be exhibiting at my local NHS hospital and I hope you enjoy the paintings.” – Steve Williams

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital until September 2015. For more information about Steve Williams, please click here.

York Open Studios 2015

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to present the York Open Studios 2015 collection.


York Open Studios is an annual art event that sees 95 York artists open their studios to the public for two weekends.

The artworks on display here have been selected from the ‘Taster Exhibition’ that was on display at the Blossom Street Gallery in April 2015.   

This exhibition will remain on the corridor until 2016, when it will be replaced with the new York Open Studios collection.

For more information about York Open Studios, please click here.

Kate Kenney

 display a collection of paintings by Kate Kenney, a York based artist.


Kate is a York based oil painter, known mainly for her North Yorkshire landscape paintings, especially of the Wolds.

Kate mainly paints ‘en plein air.’ This translates as ‘in the open air,’ and means that she paints outdoors, instead of from photographs.

From April to November 2014, Kate lived in America and this exhibition is partly inspired by her time there.

“ As it was no longer possible to go into the countryside for the day, I made several painting trips, each of 4 – 5 days. As it turns out, I prefer the routine and discipline this imposed. Whilst working, I also made time to explore these new places to find other painting spots to experience as much of the area as I could.”

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital until June 2015. For more information about Kate Kenney, please click here.

Kate Shead

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of watercolour paintings by Kate Shead.

kate shead.JPG

Kate Shead is a self taught wildlife artist, working predominantly in watercolour.  She was born and raised in London where she lived for 25 years before moving to York where she now works as a nurse in the Urgent Care Centre here in York Hospital.

Josefin Bengtsson

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of photographs by Josefin Bengtsson, photographer and staff member here at York Hospital.


Photographer Josefin Bengtsson was born in a small town in the south of Sweden. After obtaining a degree in Fine Art and Photography at the University of Haganässkolan, Josefin moved to England in 1999, eventually settling in Newcastle in 2002, then later in York.

Josefin's style in working is always raw and original. She does not manipulate or tamper with her photographs. She believes that waiting for the right light during the day is part of being a photographer and knowing her equipment.

York based photographer Josefin Bengtsson also works in York Hospital as a Domestic Assistant and was invited to exhibit this beautiful collection of photographs after her entry into ‘Your Hospital’s got Talent’ in 2014.

You can find out more about Josefin's work and ongoing projects by clicking here.

Diverse Threads

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of textile and media pieces by Diverse Threads, a York based textile collective.


Formed twelve years ago, Diverse Threads is a textile and mixed media art group based in the York area. 

The members are self-motivated and committed to developing their own work under the guidance of their mentor Diane Bates.  In addition to meeting and exhibiting together, a number of members are also professional artists in their own right.

They all have very different styles and find their inspiration from a wide range of sources: this makes for some very diverse exhibitions, giving viewers of their work a feast of different techniques, materials and concepts.

Exhibiting as a group in York Hospital for the first time, Diverse Threads offer a selection of work contributed from all members. 

This collection can be found on the main corridor of York Hospital.  For more information about Diverse Threads, please click here.    


Philip Wiseman

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of artworks by Philip Wiseman on the Pharmacy Corridor off Junction 2.

photo with labels 1.JPG

Philip was born in York and has lived here all of his life. From an early age he has always drawn and painted the world around him. Through the years he has nurtured this creative nature and developed a feeling for colour and atmosphere which is evident in his works.

This exhibition of his pictures reflects his interests in the effects of light and his own particular vision of his landscapes. To Philip the key ingredient of his work is to try and convey a mood to the observer in his paintings.

He hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoys creating it.  For more information about the artist, please click here.

Magnetic Arts

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings and drawings by Magnetic Arts, a not-for profit community interest company that runs visual art groups and projects for people experiencing physical, emotional or mental health issues.


The works in this collection were made by participants of Magnetic Mondays drop-in group.  The group decided on a weather theme, working with inks on paper and acrylic on canvas.

The sessions were lottery funded and led by members of Magnetic Arts. For more information about Magnetic arts, please click here.

Ray Fearn

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of oil on canvas paintings by Ray Fearn, all of which are available for purchase.


This posthumous exhibition celebrates the beautiful work of York artist, Ray Fearn.

During his life, Ray was a generous supporter of the Arts in York Hospital. He contributed to several exhibitions displayed along the main corridor over the years, and also donated several of the works that are on display in Ward 37 and the main entrance of York Hospital.

Ray drew inspiration from the European painting tradition working with oil and acrylics on canvas and board.

Ray initially trained as a graphic designer then went on to study fine art painting. Evidenced in his work is both the graphic training and fine art painterly styles he has developed, harmoniously blended together to produce strong and arresting images.

Ray Fearn's work will be on display on the main corridor until January 2014.  More more information about the artist, please click here.

Sanjay Gupta's Diwali Photographs

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of Diwali photographs by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a consultant cardiologist here at York Hospital. 

These photographs are part of our celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali and show some of the celebrations enjoyed over the Diwali period last year.  You can also find a colorful and informative display near junction 3 of the main corridor.

You can see this collection on display until December 2014.  For more information on the photographer, please click here.

sanjays exhibition - chosen photos.jpg

'Hidden Birds' by Bootham School

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by year eight students from Bootham School. 

The twelve and thirteen year olds worked with York artist, Richard Barnes to create these vibrant artworks based on the theme of ‘birds hidden in their habitat’.

This collection is on display at Junction 7 of the main corridor until December.  To see Richard Barnes solo exhibition visit junction 3 to Junction 4 of the main corridor.

bootham birds (richard barnes) copy.jpg

Richard Barnes

The Arts in York Hospital is proud to exhibit a collection of paintings by York Artist, Richard Barnes.

Richard Barnes.jpg

“I've chosen these paintings to exhibit in York Hospital because I hope they will add energy, colour and a sense of the outside world. Like many people, I have spent time myself in hospital and have always thought it to be a very profound place in which to put art. On the one hand the paintings are just daubs and patches of colour, but on the other they become an image. It is the balance between these two that I hope makes them special.

All the paintings are available as smaller glass-framed individual works, which are made by meticulously recording the larger paintings as they emerge with a high resolution camera. These are then analysed and adjusted digitally, printed out on acid-free paper with light fast inks and then re-worked with paint, pastel and conte to form new compositions that I hope retain the vibrancy of the originals, but on a smaller scale.”

- Richard Barnes, The Artist

You can see Richard Barnes collection between Junction 3 and 4 of the main corridor until mid November.  For more information on Richard Barnes, please click here.

'Hope' by Angie Bell

This highly decorative mask was created by Angie Bell before she sadly passed away.  She worked on it with artist Anne Hutchison in the Cancer Care Centre’s Creative Corner, funded by Friends of York Hospital.hope - angie bell.jpg

After Angie finished her radiotherapy treatment, she kept her mask in the garage, not wanting to throw it out, but not really knowing what to do with it either. A thought struck her after meeting Anne Hutchison in the Creative Corner; a weekly arts and crafts session that takes place in the Cancer Care Centre on Tuesday afternoons. What if she could turn this mask, that everyone said looked so scary, into something beautiful?

Angie worked with Anne for 3 months to complete the piece. She called it ‘Hope’.

“I’d never done anything creative like this before, but it’s been very enjoyable to work on. Completing the mask has enabled me to express my journey with cancer in a positive way.  I feel this process has been quite therapeutic. I’d like people to see the mask as representing ‘hope’ – hope for now and the future.

Working with Anne in the weekly art session has definitely felt worthwhile and beneficial to my recovery. ”

You can see Angie Bell's 'Hope' mask in the 3D area on the main corridor, it will be on display until October.

Your Hospital's Got Talent Exhibition moves to Scarborough!

You can now see this stunning collection of staff talents on the staff shop corridor in Scarborough Hospital.

YHGT scarborough.jpg

Rosie Scott-Massie

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of papercuts by York artist, Rosie Scott-Massie.

rosie (taken off fb).jpg


Rosie Scott-Massie is a full time artist specialising in papercut collage and linocut printmaking.

Originally from Masham, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Rosie studied art foundation at York College before moving to Carlisle to study fine art at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts (now the University of Cumbria). In 2007 Rosie returned to Masham where she set up a studio and began making and selling small collages using vintage and found materials, inspired by travel and influenced by the work of Peter Blake.

After gradually developing her collage work into more precise papercutting, and becoming increasingly interested in unusual historical buildings such as follies, Rosie has developed ‘Pinned Papercuts’, a unique method using out of date Ordnance Survey maps of the area in which the subject is located, and dressmakers pins to create depth and perspective in an otherwise flattened landscape. Rosie is inspired by the uniqueness of these buildings, how they have aged over the centuries and how their surrounding have changed around them

The pieces in this exhibition are part of an ongoing project exploring York and East Yorkshire through its unusual historical buildings. All pieces are for sale, and Rosie also produces many private commissions. Please click here for more information.

Yor can see Rosie's collection on the main corridor between August and October 2014.

Your Hospital's Got Talent

Throughout May and June, the Arts in York Hospital asked staff of York Hospitals Trust, ‘Have you got a talent or hobby that you’re proud of?’ as part of their ‘Your Hospital’s got Talent’ project.


The exhibition began with a taster collection at the Celebration of Achievement Awards in July.


The full collection will be on display along junction 7 of York Hospital from Wednesday 23rd July until Monday 1st September.  It will then go to Scarborough Hospital.  For more information and to view the entries online, click here.

Tim Pearce

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings and prints by Tim Pearce. 


Following a long and fulfilling career in Art teaching in South Yorkshire schools, Tim Pearce, now based in the York area, is a skilled practitioner in both painting and sculptural ceramics.  Whether working in two or three dimensions his work is always rich in rhythm and movement – qualities frequently enhanced by cubist sensitivity to both form and colour.  His paintings, in particular, so often seek to condense events taking place over seconds, minutes or even hours into single dynamic images.  Having studied and taught many aspects of the history of Art to a high level, Tim is able to apply a wide range of stylistic methods to support the interpretation of different subjects – starting points which in their own unique and diverse natures are allowed to dictate the specific modes of representation employed.

Tim Pearce's collection can be found on the hospital's main corridor until September 2014.  For more information, please click here.

Peter Heaton

Following the success of the 'Bubbles' photographic collection, the Arts in York Hospital is pleased to welcome back Peter Heaton with his latest collection entitled 'Falling'.


Peter Heaton drew inspiration for this collection from cherry tree blossoms as they fall and blow in the wind.  He collected petals and attempted to replicate this effect in isolation against a black background.  The weight, size and deterioration of colour once dried, forced him to look into alternate methods.  He began using coloured strips of paper and a fan, enabling him to record movement using a long shutter speed on his camera.  This method produced beautiful and often organic shapes.

“I photographed the action many times and collaged parts of the resulting images together to create a meaningful structured composition.” - Peter Heaton

You can see this collection on the main corridor until September 2014.  For more information on Peter Heaton, please click here.


The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of photographs by NY Images UK, a local photography collective.  This collection has been donated on long term loan, with the intention of being changed yearly.


NY Images UK Ltd is the brain child of photographers Graham Watson and Debbie Priestley.  After attending a particularly uninspiring photography workshop they realised their combined skills and experience in adult education could enable them to begin their own workshops.

Since their beginning, NY Images UK Ltd has delivered more than 100 workshops to more than 700 aspiring photographers, in a wide range of subject matters. In these workshops photographic skills and knowing your camera are covered, as well as equipment and cost effective alternatives, however what has set Graham and Debbie apart from other companies which provide photographic workshops is their enthusiasm and continued commitment to their learners even after the workshops have finished, providing on-going technical advice, offering a Q&A service and even helping prior learners to obtain discounts with retailers due to their connection with NY Images UK Ltd.

You can see this collection on the old blood taking corridor within Outpatients.  For more information about NY Images UK, please click here.

Catherine King

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by York artist, Catherine King.

Dance with me.JPG

“I am an artist based in York, inspired by the joy and vibrancy of nature; especially the beauty of wild flowers. The paintings are organic and evolve as if they have a life of their own.

I began painting at a time of great change and transition in my life which was often painful and uncomfortable. However, out of this there has come joy and transformation. It reminds me that even in darkness there is light; even in sorrow there is joy. Painting is healing for myself and there is a possibility that the paintings themselves carry a vibration of healing.” - Artist, Catherine King

This collection can be found on the main corridor between March and June 2014.

York Open Studios 2014

'The Tour de France comes to York'

DSC_0130.JPGYork Open Studios is an annual art event that sees 70 York artists open their studios to the public for two weekends. 

The works on display have been selected from the ‘Taster Exhibition’ that was on display at the Blossom Street Gallery in April. The theme for the 2014 taster exhibition was ‘The Tour de France comes to York’ so each piece takes its inspiration from cycling, bikes or the city of York.  

This collection will be on display on the main corridor until York Open Studios 2015, when a new collection will be exhibited. 

For more information about York Open Studios, please click here.

York Photographic Society

The Arts in York Hospital is excited to display a collection of images by York Photographic Society.

York Photographic Society.JPGYork Photographic Society is a group of passionate photographers of varied ages, abilities and photographic interests, their philosophy is to help members enjoy and improve their photography.

You can find this collection on the main corridor towards junction 8.  The pieces within the collection will change at various points in the year so watch this space!

For more information about York Photographic Society, please click here.

Sanjay Gupta

The Arts in York Hospital is proud to display a collection of photographs by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a consultant cardiologist here at York Hospital. 

Sanjay developed his photography skills at night school while learning advanced cardiac imaging at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.  He enjoys the contrast between his busy work life in medicine and his creative hobby, photography.  A hobby that has landed him several awards, including his recent success as a finalist for the 'Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year 2014' award.

We will be exhibiting more of Sanjay’s work during October in celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Lights.

PRINTSCAPE: A collection of landscapes in print

This stunning collection of prints from Cath Brooke and Emily Harvey can be seen on the main corridor between March and June 2014.

Cath Brooke

Cath Brooke uses rural and urban landscapes as the starting point for her prints; sketching in all weathers.  The elements play a large part in defining the spirit of her work.  She likes to include buildings to give a sense of history and place; a human connection to the landscape and spaces around us, with an increasing interest in industrial spaces.  Cath currently uses monoprint, collagraph and drypoint techniques, often combining the techniques together.   

 “I am increasingly interested in industrial spaces. Industries that are part of our heritage and buildings that have had a variety of uses from industry to city living.  Many of my images are taken from urban landscapes that have been neglected and left to decay, once stunning buildings that have come to the end of their useful life.” - Cath Brooke­­­­­

For more information about the artist, please click here

Emily Harvey

Emily has a keen interest in connections and cycles in the natural world and the way things influence and balance each other.  She uses sketches, photos and notes to capture ideas that form the starting point for a print. The final image develops through the process of constructing the plate and inking it up.

“I think it is important to leave space for accidents and opportunities rather than plan every detail in advance.”- Emily Harvey

The prints are collagraphs, printed from plates made using found materials and layers of cement that are both built up and broken through. This textured surface is animated by colour, and embossed onto thick soft paper.

Emily is currently running collagraph courses in her studio near York, as well as leading creative community projects.

For more information about the artist, please click here.

Nathan Chenery

York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of stunning artworks by York Artist, Nathan Chenery.  This collection is exhibited inline with York Hospital’s celebrations of LGBT Month (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender).

Nathan’s artworks have been displayed & collected both nationally & internationally (Japan, Ireland, Germany, and Italy).  He has been involved in a number of arts related projects including the Postern Tower Project, Please Do Not Bend, York Open Studio’s and Art Trier: Kunst York.  The collection on display in the hospital shows both current and older works by Nathan, including one of his ‘Queer Purple’ range.

Nathan’s work can be seen on the main corridor between February and March 2014.  For more information on the artist please click here.

Lesley Williams

The Arts in York Hospital is thrilled to present a collection of paintings by York born artist, Lesley Williams.  Lesley studied Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University followed by an MA in Art and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University.  She has worked in Art and Design for 30 years, teaching for the majority of those years alongside free lance textile designing and painting. Her work has shown both in the United Kingdom and abroad and she has work with a variety of private collectors.

The paintings on display ­­­are part of a recent and on going body of work, they see a return to a more traditional medium, oil on canvas. These semi abstract paintings explore the qualities of colour, light and energy found when looking into garden borders.

You can see Lesley’s work on the main corridor until March 11th 2014. 


Giuliana Lazzerini

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to exhibit a collection of paintings and prints by Giuliana Lazzerini, a York artist and owner of the Blue Tree Gallery.   Her work can also be seen on Ward 37, where a number of her generously donated art works are on show.

Giuliana was born in Seravezza near Pietrasanta, Tuscany.  Between 1962 and 1968 she was a student at the Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta, gaining a Master of Arts Diploma.  This was followed by a further four years studying painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara.  She moved to Yorkshire in 1987 and now lives in York. The Tuscan landscape and childhood memories still bear a strong influence upon the artist’s current work.  In an earlier statement she describes her first encounters with Art in Italy as a child in her father’s mosaic studio.  She refers to the “translucency of the mosaic fragment” and her “fascination with the vibrancy of colour” from the juxtaposition of pieces.

Giuliana’s work can be seen on display between junction 3 and junction 4 of the Main corridor between November 2013 and January 2014.

For more information about the artist, please click here.

Gill Douglas

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings and prints by York Artist, Gill Douglas.  Gill’s collection, ‘The Road to the Isles’ comes from her love of remote Scottish Islands, passion for the sea, wild places, creation and The Creator. 

In 1955, aged 11, Gill made her first trip to the Isle of Skye and the love affair began. Later, discovering the books of naturalist Fraser Darling: ‘Island Years’, about expeditions to remote Hebridean islands in the 1930’s and ‘Island Farm’, about his time farming in the remote north west of Scotland on The Summer Isles, she was hooked.  In 2001, following major surgery for a life threatening illness when her island forays seemed over, Gill’s childhood dream of visiting The Summer Isles was fulfilled. Journeying north, she stayed in the very cottage, perched high on the cliffs on tiny Tanera, where ‘Island Farm’ was written!

Gill’s work captures something of the atmosphere and mystery of these far-flung places, echoing the sublime of the romantic artists with their love of “turbulent nature”.

‘The Road to the Isles’ can be seen on the Main Corridor between junction 3 and junction 4 from August to November 2013.

For more information about the artist, please click here.

Kate Masterson

The Arts in York Hospital is delighted to display a collection of paintings by Leeds artist, Kate Masterson.  Kate’s work is based around her fascination with the constantly changing appearance of the landscape.  She records the physical and emotional experience of being outdoors, conveying her thoughts and feelings through drawings and photography.  Kate uses this source material to create colourful, confident and expressive paintings.

You can see this work on display between junction 3 and junction 4 of the main corridor from May to August 2013.

For more information about the artist, please click here.

Staithes Gallery

Staithes Gallery, situated on the North Yorkshire Coast in Staithes itself, provides a showcase for the very best contemporary artwork inspired by Staithes and the surrounding area. The exhibition reflects the quality and variety of art stimulated by this most inspirational of villages. 

The work of David Curtis, David Kettley, Ian Burke, Paul Czainski, Rob Shaw and Sue Atkinson is on display within this collection between junction 3 and junction 4 of the main corridor from February 2013 to May 2013.

For more information about Staithes Gallery, please click here.

Gerard Hobson

York Hospital is delighted to exhibit this collection of beautiful limited edition prints over the Christmas period. The collection is provided by York artist, Gerard Hobson.

Since childhood Gerard Hobson has had a love of birds, animals and art. His love of wildlife saw him qualify as a zoologist from Bangor University in 1984; he then worked for several years for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust as a botanist. Later he became an illustrator for them, working on leaflets and sign boards. More recently, he has turned his hand to woodcarving and now focuses his attention on printmaking.

This collection is on display between junction 3 and junction 4 of the main corridor from November 2012 to January 2013.

For more information about the artist, please click here.

Bar Lane Exhibition

Bar Lane Studios is a contemporary gallery and Artist's studio space located in the heart of York city centre. This latest collection from Bar Lane Studios shows the work of artists Ben Clowes and Iain Broadbent and is located in the Junction 7 corridor.

For more information about Bar Lane Studios, click here.

Painting in the Renal Unit

Since May 2012, Anne Hutchison has been working with patients on the renal unit on several art projects. This latest project really encouraged people to open up their imaginations as they were given free reign to paint absolutely anything they chose.

The results were fantastic with patients providing a range of work from copies of the masters to humorous portraits, studies of UK flora and fauna and even some dreamscapes constructed purely from the imagination.

The work is displayed in two locations around the hospital, one collection along the main corridor where it can be seen by the thousands of people who walk past each day and the other collection down the corridor leading to the Renal Unit so that the patients can proudly view their work on their way to dialysis.

Nightingale Courtyard Sculpture

A stuning piece of sculptural art work has appeared in the Nightingale Courtyard at York Hospital thanks to renowned artist Sally Arnup and the Blake Gallery.

The Yorkshire artist has kindly loaned the piece to the hospital to be enjoyed by patients, staff and visitors to show her appreciation of the support that she's received from York Hospital. Sally said: "My daughter has been a patient many times at the hospital and we are so grateful of all the help and support we've received over the years."

Kat Hetherington, Art and Design Project Coordinator, said: "Having something beautiful to look at in a hospital space is so important; it creates a positive environment in which to begin the healing process and something to spark interest in everyone who sees them. It's a fantastic piece of art and real 'finishing touch' to the peaceful Nightingale courtyard."

York Open Studios 2012

York Hospital is again hosting an exhibition of work from artists who participated in York Open Studios.

York Open Studios is a yearly event where selected artists open their studios to the public for two weekends.

To contact York Open Studios click here.

Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons was born in Staffordshire in 1943. He now lives outside York in the village of Cawood, where he keeps his studio, but he also makes work in China where many of his recent large-scale works are sited.

A former Vice President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Lyons also had a distinguished teaching career. This included heading the Sculpture Course at Manchester Metropolitan University, and residencies in both Canada and China.

Lyons cut back on teaching commitments to devote more time to his own work. In 1998, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (of which he is a founder member) mounted a major retrospective exhibition that looked back over twenty years of his career. There are examples of his work in private and public collections in the USA, UK, China, Germany and Canada.

Michael Lyons works mainly in steel, constructing abstract sculptures that vary enormously in scale from the intimate to the monumental. Although not illustrative, his pieces are often made in response to a particular observation he has made of his surroundings.

Michael has kindly lent York Hospital four sculptures which we have on display in the courtyard visible from main street at junction 7.

Ros Walker

Ros Walker's paintings are often large scale and based on the landscape and natural world. She aims to emphasise the natural patterns, rhythms and vibrant colour combinations which occur in the natural world, and will sometimes add a variety of different materials to create depth and texture. She is interested in trying to create atmosphere and feeling of landscape, rather than pure reproduction.

Ros's works are along the main corridor of the Hospital.  For more information on the artist, please click here

The Blake Gallery

The Blake Gallery was established in 2002 by Michael and Julie Hourston. Located on Blake Street in the centre of York, the gallery is home to a beautiful collection of original, contemporary artworks by local, national and international artists.

The Blake Gallery started working with York Hospital in 2010 and since then have kindly loaned many of the artworks that are on display in the Head and Neck Department free of charge, as well as contributing to other areas of the hospital.

For more information on the Blake Gallery, please click here.

Philip Wiseman

Born and educated in York with further education at York St Johns University and York University working now from his own studio in York.

Philip is a painter of landscape and coastal scenes many of which convey an atmospheric content. In his travels around his native North Yorkshire he portrays the surrounding countryside in what he describes as his "summer works". Akin to these he also produces his "winter works", which include mainly still-life and architectural subjects.

The medium he uses most frequently is oil paint but he also values the expressive quality of pastels particularly in his small landscape scenes. Watercolour and acrylics are also used in his depictions of the surrounding countryside which include the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire Wolds. The Vale of York with its superb light quality is another area preferred by the artist as well as the North Yorkshire Moors with its rugged beauty.

To Philip the key ingredient of his work is to try and convey a mood to the observer in his images. He hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoys creating it.

Philip's works are along the main corridor of the Hospital between March and December 2012. 

For more information about the artist, please click here.


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