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Welcome to the Constellations web page!

The Arts in York Hospital have created this page for all you space enthusiasts out there.  

If you've ever seen the Solar System Courtyard on the main corridor of York Hospital you'll be familiar with the constellations painted on the back wall, but have you ever wondered which constellations they actually represent?  Well, here's your chance to find out...

We’d particularly like to thank The York Astronomical Society for their help in identifying the constellations (and for pointing out that half of them were more than likely created with a degree of artistic license from the students at St. Peters!)  We’ll leave naming the unidentified ones up to you!

10 constellation.jpgUnidentified

9 constellation.jpgAquila

8 constellation.jpgThe Plough

7 constellation.jpgUrsa Minor

6 constellation.jpgCassiopeia

5 constellation.jpgUnidentified

4 constellation.jpgCygnus

3 constellation.jpgLyra

2 constellation.jpgUnidentified

1 constellation.jpgUnidentified

If you’d like to suggest possible names for the unidentified constellations (real or made-up) please contact Jess Sharp by clicking here.


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