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Pictured: Rachel Croft, August 2014.

Get Involved


If you're a musician living in the area and would like to donate some of your time to play in any of our hospitals, please contact Jess Sharp, the Art and Design Project Coordinator, by clicking here. Thank you!

York St John University

To find out about our Music Wednesday's programme, please click here.

York University

To find out more about Music Education Group (MEG) at York University, please click here.

NHS Minster Carol Service 2017

If you work for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we'd be delighted to invite you to sing with us at the annual NHS Minster Carol service.  More information to follow.  In the mean time, check out our Staff Choir and join us to sing for wellbeing!

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Music News


Ukulele Sunshine Revival

DSC_0028  - 2.jpg

Members of Ukulele Sunshine Revival joined us for a second performance in York Hospital, entertaining patients, visitors and staff on ward 25.

Huge thanks to Rory, Stuart and Diane for sharing their brilliant talents with us.Ukulele Sunshine Revival - 17 July 2017 - Montage.jpg

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New Generation Singing Club

Our friends from New Generation Singing Club joined us for another uplifting performance in York Hospital this July, raising over £45 for York Teaching Hospital Charity!  Huge thanks to everyone who got involved.

New Generation Singing Club MONTAGE - 06JULY2017.jpg

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Musical Memories in Malton Hospital

We were delighted to welcome Ruth and Neil from Musical Memories to perform in Malton Hospital this June. 

Musical Memories MONTAGE.jpg

Ruth and Neil run Musical Memories sessions across the Malton area, providing fun social singing sessions for local communities.  They believe that singing together can boost levels of immunity, reduce stress and improve mood and memory.

Patients in Fitzwilliam Ward were lucky enough to enjoy a good sing song with Ruth and Neil in their initial pilot session.  We’re hoping to acquire funding for further sessions in Malton Hospital following a brilliant response from all patients, visitors and staff.

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Musical Connections

During May 2017 we’re working with Musical Connections to bring music to patients in York Hospital’s elderly wards.  Musical Connections is a registered charity run by trained musicians, providing music sessions for adults of all ages and abilities in venues across York.  To find out more, click here

We'd love to say a huge thank you to musicians Joe and Emma for sharing their talent with such enthusiasm.  Our patients thoroughly enjoyed meeting you!

Musical Connections MONTAGE.jpg

Photo credit: Elly Ross

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Ukulele Sunshine Revival

Patients, visitors and staff on Ward 26 of York Hospital enjoyed a fantastic afternoon singing along with Ukulele Sunshine Revival.  This was their first time as volunteer musicians and they  definitely didn’t disappoint! 

The Ward sister commented that the music had de-stressed all staff on an otherwise hectic afternoon and a lovely gentleman patient commented that this was ‘ the best medicine yet’!

Huge thanks to Rory, Stuart and Terry – we hope to see you again soon.

Ukulele SR montage.jpg

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The Trueman Trio

The Arts Team were delighted to welcome new musicians to York Hospital this month.  The Trueman Trio are a three piece string group and visited us for the first time to perform for patients in our Dementia ward.

They did a fantastic job and we’re hoping they’ll come back again soon!

Trueman Trio montage.jpg

Photo credit: Elly Ross

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The Lads Weekend

Peter and Harry otherwise known as ‘The Lads Weekend’ came in to be filmed by Tim Hunt who is making a film to help show how the music programme runs within the hospital with the support of our fantastic volunteer musicians.


Photo credit:Elly Ross

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Music Wednesdays

Patients on ward 16 enjoyed the musical talent of Abigail Hall, a volunteer working with our Music Wednesday’s coordinators from York St John University.

Abigail sang and played piano in the ward’s Enhanced Recovery Suite, allowing those well enough to come down and appreciate a little time away from the clinical environment of the bays.  From here the sound filtered to the patients in their beds, spreading the calming music throughout the ward for all to enjoy.

DSC_1090 - 2.jpg

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Music Education Group

Huge thanks to Megan, Fizz, Rachel and Josh from the University of York for their brilliant performances on wards 31 and 14 in York Hospital! 

DSC_1076 - 2.jpg

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Music Wednesdays

The patients on ward 28 in York Hospital were over the moon when Harry and Ben came to perform for them as part of our Music Wednesday’s programme.  The acoustic duo had whole bays singing and clapping to the beat, filling the room with song and laughter.   Harry even threw in a few jokes to keep everyone entertained!  Huge well done to these two!

DSC_0010 - 2.jpg

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Music Education Group (MEG)

Megan Dawes and Fizz Margerson joined us for their performance week on ward 39, singing classics from across the years to a very engaged audience of patients.  One gentleman was over the moon to have all his requests performed at his bedside – from Mary Poppins to Morecambe and Wise!

DSC_0845  - 2.jpg

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Music Wednesdays 2017

Music Wednesday’s Coordinators, Ellis and Emily, made a great start to 2017 with support from Wayne, their first musician of the year!  Wayne played guitar and sang to patients, visitors and staff both on the main corridor and ward 35. We’re hoping to see Wayne again over the course of the year!

DSC_0862 - 2.jpg

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York Community Choir Festival 2017

York Hospital Staff Choir are proud to be taking part in York Community Choir Festival.  The festival takes place over 4 nights in March, with community choirs from across the city taking part.  To find out more, please click here.

Community choir fest facebook logo.jpg

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We’re feeling super Christmassy this year, thanks to our brilliant musicians who’ve been volunteering their time to lift the spirits of our patients, visitors and staff.

Mardi Gras Trio

DSC_0611 - 2.jpg

Ron, Ray and Greg performed an upbeat jazz set for patients on Ward 23 in York Hospital, one of whom enjoyed it so much she danced along!

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A Garland Of Flutes

DSC_0640 - 2.jpg

The lovely ladies in this flute quartet returned to the main entrance with their magical Christmas carols.  Very well done to them for raising £31.20 for York Teaching Hospital Charity too!

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Hands and Voices

DSC_0651 - 2.jpg

We were delighted to see the beautiful smiling faces of Hands and Voices again this year.  Their inclusive choir sang and signed and got everyone in the main entrance involved too!  Their tremendous efforts raised a whopping £174.12 which was split between Accessible Arts and Media and York Teaching Hospital Charity – Excellent work guys!

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Simply Plus Two

Ellis Walsh (our York St John Uni Music Wednesdays Coordinator) brought us a Christmas treat in the form of Simply Plus Two – an acoustic duo in which Nathan O’Grady, one of last year’s Music Wednesday’s Coordinators, performs!  Nathan and Lauren sang for patients on Ward 35 of York Hospital as well as their favourite spot on the main corridor.

Simply Plus Two.jpg

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New Generation Singing Club

We were delighted to welcome back the lovely young people from New Generation Singing Club.  They joined us on York Hospital’s main corridor for evening visiting time, spreading their energy and Christmas cheer!

Very well done to them for raising a whopping £114!  This will be split between their charity and York Teaching Hospital Charity.

New Gen xmas 2016.jpg

New Generation Singing Club encourages all young people aged between 10 and 17 to come along and sing for fun. They're seeking new members to join them at Foxwood Community Centre where the club meet on term-time Thursday evenings from 6.45 - 8.30pm. If you’re interested in getting involved, please email Kate Walker by clicking here.

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Bootham School Choir

Young people from Bootham School’s choir sung a collection of Christmas carols in York Hospital’s main entrance.  Their angelic voices helped to raise £46.35 and brought joy to so many people.


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The Lads Weekend

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Peter and Harry, otherwise known as ‘The Lads Weekend’ back to York Hospital for a special Christmas performance.  They came equipped with their own festive decorations, tunes and shakers, and were immensely popular with our patients, visitors and staff – raising a fantastic £119.39 – well done Lads!

The Lads Weekend.jpg

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York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir

These tremendous gents joined us again this Christmas, filling York Hospital’s main corridor with their perfectly arranged Christmas carols.  A glorious end to our Christmas music schedule!  Thank you to everyone who donated, helping us to raise £63.62!

DSC_0704 - 2.jpg

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Singing by Music Education Group (MEG)

On 26th October patients on Wards 16 and 33 of York Hospital were serenaded by a group of young musicians from MEG, led my Megan Dawes.  Some patients sang along, some tapped their feet and most found the energy for a big round of applause too! 

DSC_0423 - 2.jpg

The magic of MEG continued on 23rd November, with performances from Emily and Eilidh on wards 15 and 26 at York Hospital.  Yet another amazing music session, with patients commenting on how much it had improved their day.

DSC_0553 - 2.jpg

Thank you to Felicity and Jenny for a gorgeous performance on 30th November in AMU and maternity!  It's been a fantastic term of music - well done to Megan Dawes for organising it all!

DSC_0556 - 2.jpg

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Music Wednesdays

Our York St John University Music Wednesdays Coordinators are getting off to a great start with a selection of brilliant performances across York hospital.  The university’s recorder group and clarinet group played for patients, visitors and staff on Ward 32 and ward 16, as well as multiple communal areas too.  Thank you to our Music Wednesdays Coordinators Millie and Ellis for organising everything!

recorder group montage.jpg

DSC_0573 - 2.jpg

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New Generation Singing Club

The Arts Team were happy to welcome New Generation Singing Club back to the main corridor this month.  They performed a selection of songs, from chart hits to musical melodies. 


We’d like to thank everyone who donated during the performance, raising £54.12 to be split between York Teaching Hospital Charity and New Generation Singing Club.

These guys will be back in December for their annual Christmas performance.

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Music Education Group

The Arts Team are proud to be working with Megan Dawes from Music Education Group (MEG). 
DSC_0371 - 2.jpg

The group is formed of students from York University and brings music sessions to patients within York Hospital.  Patients in our  Children’s, Stroke rehab and Dementia wards are being invited to participate in the weekly sessions, with many more patients benefiting from the monthly performances too.

DSC_0372 - 2.jpg

To find out more about Music Education Group, please click here

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Yearsley Grove Primary School serenade York Hospital’s Macmillan nurses

Children from Yearsley Grove Primary School have been working hard all year on the Young Leaders Award project, organised by the Archbishop's Youth Trust.  It fosters the hope that young people become 'the change that they want to see' and has impact on the local & national community. 

The children were encouraged to decide on their own project and chose to recognise the work of York Hospital’s Macmillan nurses who provide care for so many people affected by cancer.  The children held a fundraising event at school, but really wanted to send a personal thank you to the nurses too. 


On Friday 15th July year 5 students performed a very special concert in the main atrium of York Hospital.  Many nurses attended and were offered biscuits in recognition of all their hard work, care and support.

To view the Evening Press article, please click here.


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The Arts Team say farewell to Music Wednesdays Coordinators, Nathan and Liam

As the summer draws closer the Arts Team must say goodbye to Nathan O’Grady and Liam Cooke, our amazing Music Wednesdays coordinators for 2015 – 2016.  Nathan and Liam have been an absolute pleasure to work with and a credit to York St John University.


Our new coordinators, Millie Saunders and Ellis Walsh start with us in September.  We look forward to welcoming them to their new role and can’t wait to sample their musical talents too!

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

Queen Margaret's School Choir

On Friday 13th May 2016 Queen Margaret’s School brought Cantiamo, their year 7 and 8 choir.  The choir aims to unite girls by encouraging them to enjoy singing and grow in confidence through performance. 

The girls performed in York Hospital’s main entrance, bringing solos,  violin pieces and full choir renditions of both traditional and modern songs.


We hope to welcome Queen Margaret’s back again in the near future.  To find out more about the school, please click here.

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'The Lad's Weekend'

Since 'The Lad's weekend’s' debut performance earlier in the year we’ve been desperate to see them return to York Hospital.  With their quirky personalities and fantastic set list we knew we had to get them onto the wards for patients to enjoy.  It was a fantastic afternoon, with patients, vistors and nurses placing requests and singing along.

Lads Weekend MAY MONTAGE.jpg

22 Line MUSIC.jpgNew Generation Singing Club

This May we were delighted to welcome New Generation Singing Club back to York Hospital’s main corridor.  The young people’s choir are regulars at Christmas and love it so much they were eager to come back this Summer!  Huge thanks go to everyone involved for giving up their time and raising money for York Teaching Hospital Charity!

DSC_0862 - 2.jpg

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York St John University Recorder Ensemble

On Wednesday 4th May the people of York Hospital were lucky enough to sample York St John University’s Recorder Ensemble!  Music Wednesday’s coordinators, Nathan and Liam sourced this interesting group of musicians as part of their role to bring music into the hospital fortnightly.

DSC_0828 - 2.jpg

Nathan and Liam will be leaving us shortly as they finish university; we wish them the best of luck in their future careers!

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

‘The Lad’s Weekend’ on York Hospital’s Main Corridor

The Arts Team were delighted to welcome ‘The Lad’s Weekend’ for a superb performance on York Hospital’s main corridor in April.  This dynamic duo sings and play guitar, with a bit of sax on the side!  They perform for pleasure not profit in venues across the city including charities, mental health units, elderly care homes and festivals.

DSC_0799 - 2.jpg

During the performance ‘The Lad’s Weekend’ raised £47 for York Teaching Hospital Charity, thank you to all those who gave so generously.  The group have kindly offered to come back and perform again later in the year, hoping to bring fun and lots of smiles to our patients and staff on the wards next time!

Our warmest thanks go to Peter and Harry for volunteering to perform for us; we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Christmas Performances 2015

Bootham School Chamber Choir

Bootham School returned to the main reception area of York Hospital again this year with over 30 students participating.  The choir’s beautifully sung Christmas carols were very popular, almost filling the area with people eager to stop and enjoy the festive performance. 

IMG_2656 - 2 - web.jpg

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir

This amazing choir returned to York Hospital for another magical Christmas performance on the evening of 15th December.  The main hospital corridor was filled by their outstanding voices at visiting time, bringing Christmas cheer to all.  To find out more about York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir please click here.

DSC_0628 - 2 web.jpg

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New Generation Singing Club

This singing group from Foxwood are also regulars in the Arts Christmas music program.  The children sang a selection of gorgeous carols and attracted much attention on the hospital’s main corridor on the evening of 17th December.

IMG_2639 - 2 - web.jpg

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Staff Choir at ‘More Christmas Tea Vicar’

The Chapel arranged their annual drop in carol service a little differently this year, aiming for a more informal approach which worked really well.  The service included carols from the Staff Choir, accompanying those sung by all in attendance.  To read more about the choir, please click here.

DSC_0632 - 2.jpg

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A Garland of Flutes

This amazing flute group performed a selection of carols including one of the team’s favourites from ‘The Snowman’.  The flautists attracted attention from so many people passing through the main entrance, including a gentleman from BBC Radio York who was most impressed!  To find out more about A Garland of Flutes, please click here.

DSC_0647 - 2 - web.jpg

The Arts in York Hospital would like to thank each and every musician who shared their musical talents with our patients, visitors and staff this Christmas.  The performances have been truly beautiful and warmed the hearts of so many.  We’d also like to thank Ron Burnett and his Mardi Gras Trio who are always so supportive of the music program but unfortunately had to pull out this time due to illness.

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Music Wednesday’s 2015

Each year we work with two students from the Music course at York St John University to enhance our performing arts program through ‘Music Wednesdays’.

This year we’ve been working with Liam Cooke and Nathan O’Grady.  Their commitment to the project and passion for music in hospitals has made them an absolute joy to work with.  They’ve brought various different ensembles, soloists and sounds to the patients, visitors and staff of York Hospital covering many areas from wards to communal spaces.

Liam and Nathan will be back with us after Christmas with more beautiful music for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks guys!

2015 montage copy.jpg

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Ron Burnett's Mardi Gras Trio

Ron Burnett and his Mardi Gras Trio have been supporting the Hospital’s music program again in 2015, with two performances in August and September.

As always, they brought joy and smiles to patients on several wards.

Sept 15 Rons mardi gras trio.jpg

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Christmas Performances 2014

The New Generation Singing Club

On the evening of Friday 19th December, The New Generation Singing Club brought joy and Christmas cheer to the main corridor of York Hospital.

The New Generation Singing Club is different from other singing clubs or choirs - their focus is on having fun, and you don't need to have previous singing experience to take part. The group, which is for children aged between 10 and 17 years old, sing a wide range from chart hits to show tunes, they meet on term-time Thursday evenings from 6.45 - 8.30pm at Foxwood Community Centre.

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

Ron Burnett's Mardi Gras Trio

On Wednesday 17th December Ron Burnett's Mardi Gras Trio brought their trumpet, trombone and banjo to Ellerby’s Restaurant, entertaining diners with their jolly jazz numbers. They continued their performance on a couple of elderly wards where they were very well received indeed!


22 Line MUSIC.jpg

Bootham School Choir

On Friday 12th December Bootham School Choir gave another amazing performance in the main entrance of York Hospital, bringing Christmas cheer to patients, visitors and staff with a selection of Christmas carols.

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

A Garland of Flutes

On 11th December the hospital welcomed A Garland Of Flutes, a local flute quartet, who filled the main entrance with the sound of beautiful Christmas carols.  They also performed for patients on a couple of wards where staff joined the group on vocals!


22 Line MUSIC.jpg

York St John University Gospel Choir

On Wednesday 10th December students from York St John University's Gospel Choir performed in Ellerby's Restaurant to bring Christmas joy to those enjoying their Christmas dinners.  This performance was organised by our Music Wednesdays coordinators, Jennie Schofield and Eilish Jennison.


22 Line MUSIC.jpg

York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir

The York Philharmonic Choir returned to York Hospital on the 9th December for their legendary evening performance.  The Choir raised over £80 for York Teaching Hospital Charity and brought joy to the many visitors and staff walking the main corridor that evening.

York Philharmonic Choir.jpg

22 Line MUSIC.jpg

Christmas Carols from Music Education Group

On 4th December Sarah Collin from York University’s Music Education Group (MEG) brought a small choir to sing Christmas carols to patients on Ward 37 and the Children’s Ward.  The performance was absolutely beautiful, bringing smiles to the faces of many patients and staff.


22 Line MUSIC.jpg

Hands and Voices

On 3rd December Hands and Voices visited York Hospital for a special performance.  Hands and Voices are an inclusive community choir comprising mainly of adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, not only do they sing but they sign at the same time!  The performance linked in with International Day of Persons with Disabilities as well as getting everyone into the Christmas spirit with a selection of Christmas songs, some of which the group taught patients, visitors and staff how to sign along to.


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2014 Performances

Zenith Nadir

July 2014

 'Zenith Nadir' are a Mexico-UK electronic fusion band based in Mexico City.  As part of their second UK tour, they performed in the main reception area of York Hospital. 

zenith nadir montage.jpg

Their music is completely unique, an amalgam of sound sensations and upbeat elements ranging from electronic rock to Latin and Pre-Hispanic fusions with European and South American rhythms perfect for partying and dancing to at a large venue, festival or listening to at a more intimate venue.  'Zenith Nadir' are currently working on their fourth album.

For more information about 'Zenith Nadir', please click here.

Bootham School

July 2014

20140701_131222-js.jpgOn 1st July York Hospital welcomed Bootham School to perform in the main entrance.  The School approached us, hoping to share their talents with us as part of their annual ‘Service Day’.  On this day all students are off timetable in order to take part in various projects of benefit to the community. We were lucky enough to receive a performance from a selection of talented musicians, accompanied by their resident musician, Edd Caine.  The students  performed a mixture of solo and ensemble items consisting of light classical music.  Their performance was outstanding, one patient even pulled out a harmonica and joined in.


June 2014

‘Apropos’ are a mixed vocal choir, based in Norway. In June the hospital was lucky enough to welcome the choir to perform in the main entrance waiting area.

Apropos (Norwegian Choir).JPG

The choir sing in Norwegian and English, including styles from pop to jazz, gospel and soul.  To find out more about ‘Apropos’, please click here.

Further information

Music around the Hospital at Christmas

Further to our weekly music programme that runs throughout the year, during the festive period we pull out all the stops.

Over the month of December in 2011 the hospital played host to 14 musical acts from around Yorkshire. There was an eclectic range of performers, from brass bands to solo artists and choirs, including York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir, St Peters Chamber choir and the popular York Group harlequin.

During performances by the Micklegate Singers, Brass Band Generation Groove and the York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir we took donations from passing staff and visitors and raised over £300. This money will contribute to the ongoing project to refurbish the Elderly Wards.

Music projects - Participatory Sessions on Ward 37

During November 2011 community Music MA Graduate, Jun Cheng, led a series of participatory music group with patients on our Elderly medical and cognitive impairment ward.

The sessions lasted for an hour and took place once a week for a month. Jun led sing-a-long songs and music driven games encouraging people to interact and engage, even get up and dance when the mood took them.

The course of workshops were hugely popular, and one relative commented, "it's lovely to see everyone getting involved and enjoying themselves."

Music projects - Stroke Rehab and Live Music Now

'Live Music Now' (LMN) is the largest provider of live music to the UK's welfare, educational, justice and health sectors with a unique resource of specially trained musicians. In conjunction with LMN we set up a series of workshops ran by professional harpist Louise Thompson on the Stroke Rehab Unit.

Louise came in once a week for eight weeks and hosted two hour long sessions. During these workshops Louise would play a variety of music, some of which had been requested by patients in previous weeks. The participants also got to try their hand at playing the harp and using a variety of percussion instruments to accompany Louise whilst she played.

For more information about 'Live Music Now' please go to


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