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Get involved

Be a Hospital Hero        Be a Hospital Hero!

How can you be a hospital hero?

Hospital Heroes are everywhere. They are Nurses, Doctors, Porters, Secretaries, Scientists, Cleaners, Healthcare Assistants, Practicioners and YOU!

We would love you to become a hospital hero and take part in our hospital hero challenge.

What will your challenge be?

The NHS turns 70 this year so we would like your challenge to represent this number. We have put some suggestions below but it can be anything that fits in with your sports cirriculum.

  • 70 Skips, 70 star jumps and 70 hops
  • 70 students in a relay race
  • 70 laps of your school field or hall 

When can I take part?

National Schools Sport Week takles place 25 June and the NHS's 70th Birthday is on Thursday 5 July. These two weeks would be the perfect time to get involved and be part of the birthday celebrations.

Why get involved?

Because its a great way to promote your healthy living programme

Beacuse young heros are encouraged to think how they can help others and support a great local cause

Beacuse amazing things are achieved when heros work together as part of one huge team strectching right across our communities

Because its fun

Got your kit ready?

Any challenge needs planning and some essential kits, but don't worry, we've done all the work for you. We'll supply the sponsorship envelopes, posters and offer you an assembly visit.

Lacing up your trainers already?

If you would like your school or youth group to get involved, you can register your interest online here or contact us on 01723 236210 or email


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