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Laura and Dan Tinker used the existing room in July 2017 following the birth of their son Arthur.  Laura knows how much difference the improved facilities will make:

“At the end of a very straightforward pregnancy we heard the words that no parent wants to hear – ‘I'm sorry, I can't find a heartbeat’.

Time stopped, a trap door opened and we fell.  We fell into total darkness, the unknown. We needed a safe place to retreat to in the agonising days that lay ahead and the bereavement room in the hospital gave us that safe place.  It provided somewhere to consider all our options, a place to speak to medical professionals in privacy and security, a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of a busy maternity ward and the other babies where we would have some of the hardest conversations we will ever have.

It provided us with time together as a family, with our son Arthur. It allowed us a place to take photographs and make precious memories with him. To hold him and read to him, to tell him how much he was loved. It provided the backdrop to the only time we would ever get as a family. It allowed Dan to stay with me for as long as I was in hospital.  It meant I wasn't alone.

The new bereavement room will provide parents with so much more than 4 walls and a bed, it will be a special place where they will make every single memory they will ever have with their baby. In those short days it will be their whole world, the place of the greatest hello and the hardest of goodbyes.”

Laura Tinker, January 2019
Arthur's feet and Dan's hands

Laura & Arthur

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