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The Dementia Appeal Wish List

The Wish List was devised by ward based staff and the dementia lead for YTH NHS FT

100 x Calendar clocks which clearly state the time, day and date which can avoid confusion and stress for the patient      


200 x Magnetic Forget me Not Flowers that are placed above beds and allow staff to easily identify patients with a form of dementia

70 x Memory boxes with reminiscent cards and books that can help patients to go back to their childhood

70 x Personal and portable CD Players with CD's from all era's allowing patients to be taken back to a time and place where they were relaxed and happy

500 x Blue Toilet seats and 30 x raised toilet seats so that patients can see the contrast of the two colours, therefore allowing them to see the toilet and 3D and reducing stress and confusion for them

16 x Specialist Chairs that will give patients with restricted mobility more comfort and aid with transfer

10 x Training sessions will allow 200 members of staff to receive specialist training on the additional needs of patients, their families and carers

20 x Coloured Mobile Infusion Stands which will allow the patient to recognise the object that they are attached to and reduce the risk of any falls; again giving it a 3D structure

13 x My Life Activity Computer Systems so that patients have activities to do whilst in hospital. These can include creating photo albums, playing games whilst incorporating co-ordination skills, socialising with other patients and being active which all stimulate the brain 

The Refurbishment of Johnson Ward Day Room at Bridlington Hospital  making the environment dementia friendly with specialist lighting, coloured flooring and walls, handrails and artwork.                                    

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