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What care is currently provided for dementia patients?

As a Trust, the dementia care team are really proud of what they have achieved. The hospitals' offer additional care where needed and collaborate with local dementia groups to ensure that voices are heard and the difference that is made is a positive one.

What do the hospitals already offer?

  •  Open visiting hours for family and friends- John’s Campaign
  •  Dining companions sit with patients whilst having their meals where possible
  •  Enhanced supervision from Nurses and HCAS
  •  A forget me not flower is placed above their bed so that all staff are aware of the patients fragility
  •  When they are admitted, a ‘All about me’ form is completed allowing staff to get to know more about the patient
  •  If the patient requires an operation, they are asked a few personal questions so that conversations can be created and the information can be used in recovery to ensure they remain comfortable
  •  Patients receive meaningful activity and have social engagement as this is proven to reduce anxiety; this can include reminiscing, music and games.

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