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Get involved

Top tips to make your fundraising easier

 Organising your event

  • Figure out the who, the where and the what. What kind of event do you want to organise, who will you be inviting and where will it take place?

  • Will you have enough people to help on the day/night?

  • What equipment do you need to hire?

  • Do you need to organise licenses, insurance, first aid cover?

  • Have you undertaken a risk assessment?

  • Do you have all the materials you need?

  • Have you publicised your event?

  • Write yourself a checklist

  • Thank everyone for taking part / helping

  • Have you put contingency plans in place in case of any issues that may arise, e.g., bad weather?

  • Have you devised a budget - what will the costs be compared to the income - can you organise sponsorship?

  • We would recommend you book your fundraising activities directly to avoid using intermediary companies who take a percentage of the funds raised. We are always happy to advise so please get in touch with the Fundraising Team

Raising the money

  • Ask the Fundraising Team for sponsor forms

  • Gift Aid - charities can claim back the tax paid on your gift of money as long as you are a UK tax payer. For example, for every £1 you donate, we can claim back an extra 28p from the Government

  • Your place of work may be involved in match funding. This means they will match pound for pound what you raise so it Is worth asking the question

  • You may be able to find a sponsor for your event. For example a company may sponsor the food and drink or the whole thing in exchange for some positive publicity

Advertising your event

  • Print posters and leaflets to display in the local community and on notice boards (at work, school, in the community)

  • Ask the Fundraising Team for charitable materials such as collection tins / buckets, t-shirts and balloons

  • Ask your local media to promote your event and attend a photo call on the day. Contact your local newsdesk and photographers

  • Do you have a work intranet or newsletter your event can be displayed in? Are there local community websites or other intranets to promote your event on?

  • Use social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your events

  • Email friends, family and colleagues and ask them to forward details about your event on to others

Keep it Legal

  • You will need to apply for a collection license from your local authority to collect funds in the street. You can normally access this information from your local authority website. If you are collecting on private property such as in a supermarket, written permission must be sought from the Manager

  • You must be over 16 to collect in public

  • Raffles and lotteries are subject to very strict laws. Please consult your local authority, The Institute of Fundraising or your local fundraising office for more information

  • If you are organising a public event, please contact your local council for any necessary licenses and let the Police know if the event is in a public place

  • Ensure an adequate risk assessment has been carried out to minimise the risk of any possible issues to those attending - ask our risk assessment form to assist you

  • If you are carrying money, consider your safety. If possible, have someone to accompany you and take a safe route home

  • Ensure you have first aid coverage if you are organising a large scale event

  • If you are preparing food, please consider aspects such as storage, preparation and cooking. Please visit for useful information

  • If you are hiring a venue or equipment, check that insurance is covered in your fee. It may be the case that you need to organise public liability cover to protect you from 3rd party claims (such as an injury due to negligence)

  • Certain events may require a licence such as events serving alcohol, live music or an indoor sporting event. Check with your local authority or fundraising office

  • The York Teaching Hospital Charity cannot accept any liability for any loss, injuries or damages which occur during the event

For more information on any of the above, please contact the Fundraising Team on 01904 724521 or at




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