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Thanks to your kind donations...

140920 ICU SGH Information board with Cath Carter and Zoe Longthorn

ICU infographic - Scarborough Hospital

Following the resounding success of the ICU/Critical Care infographic at York Hospital, we've been able to fund one for Scarborough Hospital too. The staff were overjoyed with the new addition to the department and explained how it will help families of patients understand the different equipment which can appear scary and worrying.

staff matters photo

Dementia and Audiology course - York Hospital

Hearing loss and dementia are two of the most chronic conditions affecting older people. As our ageing population grows, the prevalence of both conditions is expected to increase. Dementia and hearing loss have similar symptoms so whilst the cognitive impairment is addressed, hearing loss will often go undiagnosed.

Senior Audiologist, Jenny Douglas says, "There was a growing need for a member of the team to be specialised in the treatment and management of dementia, specifically within audiology and this course enabled to do that. I used the course in conjunction with internal dementia training and the emerging leaders’ course."

Jenny goes on to say, "The funding and training has enabled me and the department to set up a specialist dementia friendly clinic for those that have been diagnosed with dementia or cognitive decline at York Hospital. This is a specialist clinic with trained staff, regular follow-ups and specially developed information packages to enable better access to patients who are living with dementia. Without the funding for the training course, none of the above would have been possible."

140920 Wedding box items  SGH Pall Care Team

Palliative Care wedding boxes - Scarborough Hospital

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to fund assorted decorations and items for wedding ceremonies.

Sue Salt, Admin Assistant in Palliative Care says, "Often when a palliative care patient requests a wedding/renewal of vows in hospital this has to be organised quickly. Once the formalities are checked, it is a real team effort from ward staff, chaplaincy, catering staff and palliative care staff to work together to make this as special an occasion as possible."⁠

Helena Demir, Vicky Angell, Jennie Booth and Joe Fenton_2Bedside lockers - Trustwide

Rachel Brook, Fundraising Manager, said: “As usual we have our generous donors to thank for raising funds for projects like the new bedside lockers. This is a typical example where we can fund the extras to improve facilities above and beyond the NHS for the benefit of patients.”⁠

Jennie Booth, Lead Nurse Medicines Management, explained: “We have looked at every aspect of how we can make the lockers more practical and easy to use for patients as well as taking into consideration patient feedback."⁠

The first batch have been installed at Selby Hospital, White Cross Court and St Monica’s Hospital.⁠

020920 Learning Disabilities Team SGHActivities for patients with learning disabilities - Trustwide

Thanks to your donations, the Learning Disability Liaison Team & Safeguarding Adults Team were able to purchase a range of activities including; sensory lights, DVD players, CD players, colouring and craft activities, iPads and magnetic body boards which help explanation when discussing planned treatment.

Last year, the team completed a sponsored bike ride for the hospital charity to enable them to raise funds to purchase this equipment.

They said, "In our role, we wanted to be able to provide those with learning disabilities, a range of equipment and activities to provide distraction to patients and help them feel less anxious when in hospital."

Romina RodriguezNursing top up degree - York Hospital

Thanks to your donations, Staff Nurse in Theatres at York Hospital, Romina Rodriguez was awarded with a £2,000 bursary towards her top-up degree nursing course at Leeds Beckett University.

Romina says, "I have been a staff nurse at York Hospital for over 5 years. Currently holding a Diploma in Nursing, I feel the need to develop academically in order to maintain my knowledge and keep my skills up to date. Our NHS is in continuous development and to undertake higher education is the way to provide current evidence based care to our patients."

"I have been able to share this information at my workplace encouraging my colleagues to use these tools to find their own ways to improve their practice."

Rheumatology CNS Adele Arton photo

British Society of Rheumatology Nursing education course - Trustwide

Thanks to your generous donations, Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adele Arton was able to attend a 2 day education and training course in Newcastle to broaden her knowledge.

The course enabled Adele to understand key clinical features in diagnosing common inflammatory disorders and corresponding radiological features. It helped her understand how to increase the effectiveness of a drug counselling consultation and effective patient education. Adele also said it helped her learn how to deal with patients who have common problems with blood results and have contacted nurse helplines or are attending monitoring clinics.

Adele said, "I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this well-structured, friendly and intensive learning event. A big 'thank you' to York Teaching Hospital Charity for enabling me to secure a place on this beneficial and memorable event."


Rota stand for DEXA Scans - Scarborough Hospital

A new rota stand was needed to transfer patients from standing to a seated position for their scans. Patients requiring a DEXA scan may need one to determine whether their health issues have left them with a calcium deficiency which can in turn affect their bones and result in other health problems.

The scan takes place on a bed and requires the patient to be lying down. The new rota stand enables patients to be moved safely, with dignity and in a controlled manner; making the experience so much better for both the patient and staff.

Scarborough Theatres Transfer Trolley

Patient Transfer Trolley- Scarborough Hospital

You have made it possible to fund a new patient transfer trolley for the Theatres team at Scarborough Hospital. Any patient transfer to other hospitals requires a huge amount of equipment so a specialist trolley is needed to ensure the patient is kept safe.

Theatres team leader Claire Jackson said, “The previous trolley was over 15 years old and with the generous help of the hospital charity, we were able to purchase a new one which enables the safe, effective and often time critical transfer of patients when they are seriously ill. The trolley is compatible with ambulances meaning when the team is ready to safely transfer the patient an ambulance crew assist.

Bereavement Survival Kits - Inspire Project

Bereavement Survival Kits - York & Scarborough hospitals (Inspire Project)

The Bereavement Services team support up to 250 bereaved families a month within York & Scarborough hospital, offering support to those who need it at a difficult time of loss.

The simple idea of offering a tangible memento for people to link with at home came at a minimal cost but acts as a reminder that the care and thoughts extend beyond the boundaries of the hospitals.

Bereavement Officer, Trish Bell said "The funding has enabled us to offer these kits to help people interpret their own values, beliefs and needs, potentially making all the difference in someone's life." 

The survival kit is made available for families to choose and focuses on 7 days to represent each day of the week; containing 7 small trinkets that are linked to a short quote written on card.

Trish said "the kit would help to support people's mental health when they are at their lowest with a gentle, warm approach to show that we care."

Respiratory Bags - SGH

Respiratory Bags, Scarborough Hospital

The Respiratory team provide care to many patients within the hospital and these patients can often be on different wards across the site, meaning that there is a lot of movement for the team. Many of their patients require minor procedures that can be done at the bedside and this comes with the need for the equipment to carry out the procedure.

Respiratory Clinical Teaching Fellow, Ru Rupesinghe realised she was spending a lot of time on the wards gathering all the equipment she needed to carry out the procedure and felt that this wasn't the best use of her time. So she applied for funding for a carry case which could hold all of the equipment she needed and could be easily carried around with her.

She said "It’s a simple enough item that has made a huge difference to my time. I can now treat patients more effectively and my time is used more efficiently."

11-2-20 Helen Pape and Emily Shephard - Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses conference

British Association of Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists Conference

Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses, Helen Pape and Emily Shephard attended the annual British Association of Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists Conference in Birmingham.

Emily said "This was a perfect opportunity to network with other NHS Trust's and share best practices so we can constantly improve patient experience."

Helen said the funding from York Teaching Hospital Charity had enabled her to liaise with reps and on-site consultants about the potential future of a nurse-led service. Emily advised that this would enable patients to have longer appointments, with specialist nurses leading the service from diagnosis to follow up and education following treatment. "The conference was great and I am excited about the next steps we are trying to implement across the Trust to become a more nurse-led service."

27.1.20 William Lea 2

PhD Research in Patient Safety

Clinical Fellow in Patient Safety, William Lea is being given the opportunity to gain more advanced qualifications through PhD research.

William’s research focuses on looking at how our hospitals can find new ways to make healthcare even safer. William says “I am involved in patient safety and quality improvement work at the Trust, and I hope that my research will directly support us to be safer and provide the best quality of care we can.”

Radiology Room

Radiology Duty Room at York Hospital

The Radiology Duty room has been fully refurbished thanks to your donations.
The room is a place for the on-duty radiologist to discuss results, give advice and quickly answer questions from GPs, Doctors and Radiographers from across the Trust. The department are overjoyed with the refurbished room, which means patients will be diagnosed and treated quicker.

Ward 34 Oxygen Wristbands

Oxygen Wristbands on Ward 34, York Hospital

Ward 34 at York Hospital were able to apply to charitable funds for Oxygen Wristbands for their patients. The colour coded bands help staff to identify the patients’ target saturation range; ensuring the correct level of Oxygen is prescribed.
The wristbands are a simple and effective method to ensure patient safety, acting as an immediate visual prompt for staff. The staff on the ward were over the moon when they received them!


Simulation Baby in Emergency Department

To help train multi-disciplinary teams in dealing with procedures on babies. For example; infant airway management, defibrillation, insert of IV lines and blood sampling.

The SimBaby can simulate a baby breathing and crying. It can also be programmed to replicate a serious illness such as Meningitis, allowing for staff to work on a realistic scenario. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality it is suitable for training of routine care through to emergencies that may be critical.

Dr Rob Ferguson & vinyl

Infographic in ICU at York Hospital

Consultant Robert Ferguson was able to apply to charitable funds for this infographic.
Robert explained how it helps families understand equipment & procedures in the Critical Care Department as it can be a very frightening and confusing time for them.

11102019 Staff on new chairs Fracture Clinic SGH

New chairs in Scarborough Hospital Fracture Clinic.

We were able to buy comfier, movable chairs for the Fracture Clinic at Scarborough Hospital. The staff are certainly happy with the improvement!

Maxine Rawle

Royal College of Nursing Credentialing for Advanced Level Nursing Practice.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse Specialist, Maxine Rawle, was able to gain formal recognition of her level of expertise and skill in her clinical practice, leadership, education and research.

Having successfully been awarded the credential, Maxine is now included on a publicly available database of credentialed nurses and has a badge and certificate to reflect this.
Maxine was the first IBD Nurse in the Country to gain this credential!

Without donations from our supporters, we would not have been able to fund this and we are thrilled that Maxine now has the recognition she deserves and can support and reassure patients from a more knowledgeable background.


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