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Star Award Winners - October 2017

Jenny Marsden, Adult Stoma Care Nurse, and Lucy Rush, Staff Nurse, York Hospital

York Star Award winners_Jenny Marsden and Lucy Rush with nominator Helen Green

Jenny and Lucy were nominated by a colleague, Helen Green, Healthcare Assistant, for the help and support they readily gave in helping to treat a baby with a stoma. The baby’s parents had not received any instructions or information about his stoma care during their time at another hospital and subsequently the baby was transferred back to York without any care advice or support.

Out of concern for the baby, staff nurse Lucy contacted York Hospital's Adult Stoma Care Team to seek advice. In response, quick acting Jenny went straight to SCBU to offer a much needed helping hand and to put mum at ease.

Despite never working with babies, let alone such a small baby, Jenny offered reassurance, support and hands on practical advice – including sourcing much needed equipment. Her actions ensured the best possible patient care for a baby in need.

Cassie Halpin and Janine Nicholson, Chestnut Ward, Scarborough Hospital

 Scarborough Star Award winners_Janine Nicholson and Cassie Halpin with nominator Katie Broadley

Cassie and Janine received a unique triple nomination from colleagues when they went above the call of duty to attend to the needs of a palliative patient and his family.

Due to the quickly deteriorating condition of the patient, his wife was understandably reluctant to leave her husband but had some critical medication she needed from home, some 30 minutes away.

Between them, Cassie and Janine organised the medication from the Pharmacy and arranged for the ophthalmologist to visit the wife on the ward so she wouldn't miss her appointment.

In her nomination Kayleigh Moment, Healthcare Assistant, describes how Cassie and Janine’s teamwork and commitment to the job made her feel extremely grateful and thankful to be part of such a proactive and caring team, that strives to provide holistic care to patients and their families ‘the two nurses in question are fantastic role models and an asset to the ward and their profession’.

Ward 17 (Children's ward),York Hospital

York Star Award winners_Ward 17

Staff on Ward 17 at York Hospital, were nominated by a patient’s mum for the love, care and compassionate the team they showed to her son, Harrison, following his 15 month stay on the ward.

Harrison has long term complex illnesses requiring round the clock care and the team are credited with saving Harrison’s life on several occasions.  Mum describes how the team cared for Harrison just like they he was their own child and how they made an extremely unhappy boy into the happiest child.  As a parent she cannot thank them enough ...  ‘Harrison although he cannot talk will be truly honoured to have been a part of the ward and have such precious memories to talk about for the rest of his life’.

Lucy Doughty and Alison Spray, Lung Cancer Specialist Nurse and Lung Cancer Co-ordinator, York Hospital

York Star Award winner_Lucy Doughty

Lucy and Alison were nominated by their Deputy Directorate Manager, Alex Sharp, for delivering and maintaining a fantastic service despite severe staffing pressures within the team.

The team play an important part in supporting patients through this complex pathway.  Both Lucy and Alison provided top quality care to patients and continued to keep the lines of communication open between the various medical teams and worried patients - all while remaining positive and helpful.

Describing Lucy and Alison … ‘they care deeply about what they do and provide amazing support to patients throughout their complex cancer pathway’.

Josh Dixon, Alex Large and Tony McGregor, Porters, Scarborough Hospital

Josh, Alex and Tony have all received fantastic feedback from local funeral directors and relatives in the support of care at death and care after death.

Supporting relatives in their raw bereavement is emotionally exhausting for anyone - and yet all three are described as 'helpful, caring and professional' and 'going above and beyond'.

A specific phone call from a distressed bereaved relative, described the staff as truly outstanding in supporting him with the loss of his son over a weekend period when there were no mortuary staff available.

The porter role requires such diversity and to demonstrate such humanity in these difficult situations is commendable.




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