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“I am the programme manager for the North Yorkshire Breast Screening Service and the manager for the Breast Imaging unit at the Trust.

“Thirty three years ago I started my training as a diagnostic radiographer at Leicester Royal Infirmary Schools of Radiography. I had always wanted to pursue a career in a scientific area but wanted it to directly benefit people and as I am a people person, radiography combined the two very well. Once qualified my career in the profession has allowed me to move around the country in various radiography roles experiencing different ways of working and teams.

“I started in breast screening 26 years ago with the East Lancashire Breast Screening Programme and three years later took the journey over the Pennines to Yorkshire and joined the breast unit here in York. Breast screening for the North Yorkshire programme is unique in many ways, not only that you get to travel across beautiful landscapes to get to the mobile screening units, but the range of ladies you meet from the dales and towns can be very varied and inspiring.

“After several years as a screening mammographer I took the opportunity to develop my role and gained my Post Graduate qualification in breast ultrasound, supporting the rapid access clinics in York to diagnose breast cancer. This was a very rewarding time and was much enhanced by the Trust’s multidisciplinary team working atmosphere that there is here in York.

“Eight years ago came another crossroads in my career and I was fortunate to become the manager of the breast screening programme and the symptomatic service here in York. I can say that I was genuinely excited when I took on the role as I knew what a fantastic team I would have around me radiologists, radiographers, assistant practitioners, unit assistants, surgeons, breast care nurses and the administration team.

“Everyone here has the client at the heart of what they do, so even if I know I have a tough day ahead I know that collectively we are all aspiring to the same goals to provide the best service that we can for all our patients. Early diagnosis for breast cancer is what screening is all about - finding the disease early to make a difference to the outcome. I am passionate that we develop and improve our technologies and staff to ensure we provide the highest quality of images and provide a safe and respectful environment for our clients.

“I feel proud to work for the NHS and to be part of delivering health care to all. We have come so far in the last 70 years in terms of technology to support diagnosis and treatment across all areas. I have seen the benefits personally having had three children and been supported through end of life care with my father. We don’t just diagnose and treat we are there from the start to the finish and for all life’s bumps along the way.”

18 June 2018

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