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"I am an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist with Audit Yorkshire, working across all sites of the Trust.

"I have been with the Trust since November 2017, prior to which I was a police officer with North Yorkshire Police, operating in a similar role. I’ve always had a great relationship with the NHS so when the opportunity came to join the organisation I jumped at the chance as I firmly believe it's in everyone’s interests that the service is the best it can be. The opportunity to have an influence on this is what really appealed to me.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the police but it has been nice to work in a different environment and make the most the new experiences the NHS affords me. Where working for the police gave me a lot of exposure with members of the public, my main contact here at the Trust is with other members of staff with whom I spend a lot of time with raising awareness of the anti-fraud message. 

"Another great thing about working here has been that getting that message across to colleagues has been much easier with staff more willing to hear and take on the anti-fraud message.

"Day-to-day I’ll perform presentations to staff and generally spread the counter-fraud message in an effort to prevent instances of counter-fraud taking place. I also investigate where suspicions of fraud are raised and I’ve dealt with cases such as staff who have worked elsewhere whilst claiming sickness pay from the Trust, expense and timesheet fraud, and staff who have worked under false identity. 

"In an interesting and varied role, it’s the cases like these that justify the need to educate and prevent fraud at the source, rather than cure it once it’s happened.

"Since being here I've also had the recent pleasure of seeing the NHS from the outside in Following the birth of my son. This experience has made it even more apparent just how brilliant the NHS and its staff are. I’m proud to be part of something that is a national heritage and vital service for all and hopefully it continues to be protected so it can continue to provide first class patient care for another 70 years and beyond. As someone once said to me, ‘Treat it with care, life has no spare’. The same can definitely be said of our NHS."

29 May 2018

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