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“I work as a Medicine Management Technician on a variety of wards at Scarborough Hospital.

“According to my mum my first encounter with the NHS was on a very snowy new year’s eve in 1968 when two ambulance drivers and my dad had to dig the ambulance out of the snow to get my mum to hospital. I was delivered by a brilliant Scottish surgeon who was willed me to arrive before Hogmanay ended!

“I have worked for the NHS for four years, before this I worked in the community as a pharmacy technician and accuracy checker. I really enjoyed this job but felt I needed more patient contact, so read up about the role of medicine management technician. I got my break and got a technician job at Scarborough Hospital. It was very hard in the beginning, but I soon got into the swing of things with the encouragement of my colleagues. Six months into this job I got my second break and started as a medicine management technician, and have not looked back since, and where my education in the NHS really started. 

"From day one I have loved this job, and working with colleagues from cleaner to consultant, I am in awe of all the hard work they do under such pressure. If I hadn’t got my job in the NHS I don’t think I would have had a fulfilled career - I love talking, listening and caring about the patients, every day is a new challenge.

“Things have changed so much for the better in some areas. When I was eight years old I had an eye operation - I felt frightened and alone in a mixed ward, not liking the food, and not having my mum there. Now parents can stay, they can bring food in, and the nurses support a relaxed atmosphere for the children.

“In the past four years I have seen a big change in hand hygiene, and the accessibility of hand sanitisers and washing facilities. Also the hospital has played an important part in reducing IV antibiotics use to improve antibiotic resistance.

“I think the NHS has a great future ahead - we rely on it being here so much and unfortunately people will not realise this until we no longer have a superb NHS.” 

26 March 2018

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