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"I am a senior physiotherapist specialising in cardiac rehabilitation.

"I joined York Trust in 2001 having worked at the Leeds Nuffield Hospital and Pinderfields, Derby and Nottingham City hospitals.

"I have always been interested in human biology and my first degree was in physiological sciences at Newcastle. I quickly realised that this did not lead to a vocational occupation other than teaching, lecturing or research. I took time out as a PE teacher at a private school and was successful in gaining a place at Nottingham School of Physiotherapy. Through this I developed a real interest in cardio thoracic surgery, ITU respiratory and also in burns and plastics as you treat patients acutely who have serious conditions and then get to work alongside them for rehabilitation. This is still very true to elements of my current role.

"I’ve had the privilege of volunteering my skills which has included 10 years at the finish line of the London marathon! I also volunteered abroad linking with leprosy hospital charities in South America, Nepal and Indonesia.

"Within my current role I work in a multidisciplinary team to build client confidence and fitness towards very personal goals following heart problems. This is the most rewarding part of my role, enabling clients to get their life back, discover a new ‘normal’ that can sometimes lead them to a better place than they felt they were before their heart event. We hold cardiac rehabilitation classes offering a programme of exercise and information sessions to help them get back on their feet. By having the right treatment, such as being on the optimal drug therapy regime and being empowered to control their risk factors and make lifestyle changes, people can transform their lives.

"There has been a huge shift since I first trained as a hands-on physical therapist who was taught to observe, palpate, and deliver treatments. Now we work more towards long term chronic condition management, motivational interviewing and self-empowerment of clients so that by their own efforts they can take ownership and self-manage their condition. This type of approach is vitally important so that people can learn to prevent and manage their long term health conditions in the future."

20 August 2018

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