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Care packs bring relief for chemotherapy patients at Christmas

Christmas has arrived early for patients at York Hospital undergoing chemotherapy, thanks to a bumper delivery of care packs kindly donated by the Vangarde Shopping Park.

The twenty six care packs are designed to help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and include everything from mints, quiz books, cosy socks, peppermint tea bags, low scented moisturisers, to essential lip balm.

Jane Archer, Cancer Care Manager at York Hospital, explained: “Chemotherapy can damage some healthy cells in the body, such as blood cells, skin cells and cells in the stomach which can cause a range of unpleasant side effects, such as feeling tired most of the time, feeling sick and vomiting, to dry, sore or itchy skin.  The items in the packs will offer much needed relief from some of these unpleasant side effects.”

The packs were delivered to the cancer care centre at the start of Christmas week and will be given to patients throughout the week as they undergo treatment.

Carl Bailey, Service Delivery Manager, Vangarde Shopping Park said:  “We all know someone who has been affected by cancer.  My own sister Rachel sadly passed away six years ago - she was just 39.

 “Angela in our team was diagnosed with cancer eleven years ago and underwent chemotherapy at York Hospital, so she really understands what people go through when they undergo treatment.  She knows only too well how the little things such as peppermint tea to settle your stomach or lip balm to soothe dry lips, can mean so much.

“The team at York are always fantastic and have supported us all when we needed them most.  This is our way of giving something back.”

Deborah O'Donnell, Centre Manager at Vangarde Shopping Park, whose idea the care packs were, added: “I'd seen care packs somewhere else earlier in the year and thought it would be a lovely thing to do in York at Christmas.

“The Vangarde Shopping Park is committed to doing as much as it can for the local community and charities.  This year we have raised £2,500 for York Teaching Hospital Charity and we will continue to fundraise for them in 2020.”

Jane added: “We really appreciate the packs, which I know will make our patients feel cared for and thought about at what can be a difficult time for some.”

23 December 2019

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