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Local children attempt record lifesaving training

Local schoolchildren from Hackness Primary Church of England School were trained in crucial lifesaving skills this week as part of a national attempt to set a record for the most people simultaneously learning resuscitation skills.

The event was part of a Guinness book of records national challenge celebrating the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s 50th anniversary.

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Staff from Scarborough Hospital’s Emergency Department visited the school where 30 children, aged between six and eleven, were taught cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on lifelike training manikins.

Ed Smith, lead consultant for emergency medicine at Scarborough Hospital led the team of skilled resuscitation trainers.

Ed said: “Thanks to the children and staff at the school, it was a brilliant event and our team managed to train 30 children in 30 minutes. We really enjoyed helping to educate and inspire children about the work of our own department and emergency medicine in general.

“Everyone can learn to help save a life, including children. They are capable of assessing a situation, responding calmly, remembering their training, and saving lives.  There are many instances of children saving the lives of other children and even adults when they know what to do.

"Hopefully our event has helped highlight how emergency medicine has made a real difference to the lives of millions.  To have made it to 50 years as a specialty is a real achievement.”

Headteacher of Hackness Church of England School, Lee Talbot, said:  “The staff and children were delighted to take part in this special event.  The amazing medical staff helped us to reinforce some important safety messages and hopefully equipped the children with skills that could prove useful in an emergency situation.

“We are always looking for new ways to enrich our curriculum through exciting experiences and this was one of those events that we know the children will remember for a long time.”

13 October 2017

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The event was part of a Guinness book of records national challenge celebrating the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s 50th anniversary

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