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Scarborough Hospital

The Trust had to change the way in which Breast Oncology outpatients services were delivered in Scarborough in just three weeks.  This was a very tight timescale and turnaround period where 172 patients needed to be contacted and made aware of the changes. The patient access team is nominated by colleagues for contacting all 172 patients within this timeframe.

They are not clinical but dealt with the potential difficult conversations with patients in a very professional manner.  The team demonstrated great empathy and escalated any queries back to the management team so that they could be managed appropriately.  Staff worked additional hours to ensure this was achieved and went above and beyond.  Patient access often receive negative comments and have to deal with a huge volume of outpatient bookings, changes, cancellations and queries yet they work tirelessly in the background out of sight providing a valuable service.

15 July 2019

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