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Hospital's skin watch event success

More than 150 people played it 'skin safe' at last week's event held by the Dermatology Department at York Hospital where four doctors and a team of nurses were on hand to give people a skin check.

While the majority of visitors were able to be reassured that they had no problem, the team referred 23 people back to their GP. Seven cases of skin cancer were identified, two of which were melanoma, and six people were identified to have pre-cancerous lesions.

As well as spotting signs of skin cancer the team also found 12 people had a significant rash requiring medical treatment, one of which was occupational dermatitis.

Dr Calum Lyon, Consultant Dermatologist at York Hospital, said: "We were delighted with the interest shown by the public for this event. The idea was to offer people the opportunity to learn about the signs to look for that might be a sign of potential skin cancer or skin disease. Around 15 percent of visitors on the day were referred for further medical attention so we were very pleased to have helped those people."

Such was the success of the event, a further 'skin watch' will be rolled out in Scarborough where the Dermatology Department also provide services. The team will be at the public health bus on 10 August at Scarborough's North Bay.

York Hospital's Dermatology Department run a comprehensive in-patient and out-patient dermatology service for the population of York and Selby, and services in Scarborough and Community Hospital clinics.

For further information contact Elaine Vinter, communications officer, on 01904 721592 or

15 August 2013

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