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Makeover for sexual health clinic

Get tested – only then can you say #YorClear, is the message that is being promoted to York residents as an innovative awareness campaign is rolled out across the city.  

Statistics for York and North Yorkshire show that 1 in 12 people aged under 25 test positive for Chlamydia.

The problem is being tackled by Yorscreen, North Yorkshire’s Chlamydia Screening Service, who have re-launched their innovative awareness campaign #YorClear in York.

As part of the campaign the waiting rooms at Monkgate Health Centre have undergone a complete transformation in a bid to not only make them more user friendly but to help promote Chlamydia screening.

Familiar faces, such as Gary Barlow and Harry Styles, now brighten up the waiting rooms lightening the mood, whilst staff adorn brightly coloured t-shirts with real slogans such as “My daughter’s boyfriend had Chlamydia” and “I get tested when I get a new partner” in order to demonstrate that every one should be thinking about Chlamydia, it can affect anyone and that there is nothing embarrassing about getting tested and saying #YorClear.

Brightly coloured wall art, poster boards, graffiti and videos also help brighten up what is normally a daunting and embarrassing place for many people.

Liz Hare, Chlamydia Screening Programme Co-ordinator, explained: “We want to promote the message that everybody should be getting tested in a fun and lighthearted way. Chlamydia can be invisible – so you can’t tell from looking at someone if they have it.

“Waiting rooms are generally unwelcoming places especially sexual health clinics as lots of people feel embarrassed and ashamed about being here. We want to change that perception with our bright and fun new look.”   

The marketing campaign has been run by Force 7 – a specialist youth marketing agency – in a bid to increase the take up of chlamydia screening by 16-24 year olds. 

Street Teams have also been out and about using Instagram, a popular photo social media channel, where users can post pictures online, to promote the #YorClear message.

Using the hashtag #YorClear, people are asked to take a test and join a picture wall of others who have done the same.

For more information about Chlamydia Screening and Sexual Health Services in North Yorkshire visit

How to get tested for Chlamydia:

  • If you are under 25 and live in North Yorkshire, you can be tested through the chlamydia screening programme (Yorscreen).
  • The test is very simple and you will not need to be examined. You can either pee in a pot or women can use a self taken vaginal swab. All tests are free!
  • There are many places in North Yorkshire where you can collect a testing kit. Call the central office on 01904 725440 to find out where your local test sites are, or ask your doctor, nurse or youth worker for help.
  • Yorscreen postal tests - for under 25 year olds –If you would like to do a test at home text 'TEST' to 80010, followed by your name, address and age to request a postal pack. If you are under 16, you can still get tested, but it's important to speak with a nurse, doctor or youth worker first.

18 March 2014

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For more information about Chlamydia Screening and Sexual Health Services in North Yorkshire visit Yorsexualhealth.

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