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Prevent falls with free NHS exercise class

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is offering free exercise classes to older people in York and Easingwold to help reduce the risk of falls, help balance, stability and confidence.

Falls can be caused by a combination of problems including poor balance, strength and coordination, side effects from medication and deteriorating general health.

Classes are run by Angie Hampton, registered nurse and Falls Practitioner and Postural Stability Instructor for the Trust.

Angie said: "Research has shown that older people who take part in regular strength and balance training may be less likely to fall. The exercises are evidence based and help promote independence and counteract loneliness and isolation.

"The classes aim to promote quality of life and people have reported feeling more stable and better at walking. Many find they are more able to get out of a chair without difficulty and can get washed more easily.

"Classes are free, fun, friendly and can be tailored to the individual. They can also provide an opportunity for people to access further advice about keeping healthy. Prior to attendance people are assessed as to suitability for classes so anyone wanting further advice can contact me directly."

The sessions are currently available at several sites in York and at Springhill Court, Easingwold on Tuesdays at 1.30pm.

Angie added: "Falls can represent a serious problem for older people, occurring in around 30 percent of over 65s and 50 percent of over 80 year olds every year. Even a minor fall can result in serious consequences, both physically and psychologically. As well as physical injuries a fall can destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence."

For more information on venues and times of classes please contact Angie Hampton on 07944 689942.

14 January 2014

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For more information contact Angie Hampton on 07944 689942.

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