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Scarborough Hospital Postgraduate Centre to hold Open Day

Members of the public will have an opportunity to go behind the scenes of their local hospital to find out about medical innovation, technology and training at an upcoming open day hosted by Scarborough Hospital’s Postgraduate Medical Education Centre.

The event which is open to the public and those who have an interest in a medical career will take place on Monday May 23, 2016, from 10am until 3pm.

The open day will give an insight into medical education, showcasing technology and innovation used in training. There will be information about careers in medicine, demonstrations of simulation models, and the chance to try your hand at being a doctor.

There will be interactive displays provided by the Postgraduate Medical Education Team, Hull York Medical School, York Teaching Hospital’s Recruitment Team, Library Services, and the Clinical Librarian.

Maria Wilkinson, Medical Education Manager for Scarborough Hospital’s Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, explained: “We are excited to open our doors to the general public and those interested in a medical career.  The aim of the event is to share the exciting innovations in medical education, simulation, and patient care. 

“Education and training are imperative to the quality of healthcare, and we are keen to share how we use simulation and other technologies to enhance training and patient safety.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone to the Centre and giving them a behind-the-scenes look into an important part of medical training and the health system that many people may be unaware of.”

17 May 2016

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Please join us on Monday May 23, 2016, from 10am until 3pm.

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