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Ward closures

At York Hospital Wards 24 and 26 are currently closed due to confirmed norovirus. Ward 37 is also closed due to suspected gastroenteritis as is Ann Wright Ward at Scarborough Hospital.

Closing wards helps us to contain the virus but visitors can play a large part by staying away if possible and we would urge visitors to think carefully before paying any non-essential visits to our hospitals at this time.

Beverley Geary, Chief Nurse, explained: “We are urging people who have been unwell with symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting not to visit any of our hospitals until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours. This is really important because the virus is highly infectious and it is being brought into our hospitals. The virus is easily spread by contact with an infected person, especially through their hands.

“When visitors come into our hospital we ask that they follow guidance, which includes always washing their hands before and after visiting. This is to keep the virus contained and to help visitors to keep themselves safe as well as their friends or relatives.”

22 February 2016

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Most people recover within one or two days from norovirus, however if symptoms persist (more than 48 hours), the advice is not to come to A&E but to phone the GP or NHS 111.

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