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World TB Day

City of York Council is working with the New Entrant and the TB Nursing Service this World TB Day (24 March) to raise awareness of the symptoms of TB amongst the homeless community in the city of York.

On Monday 24 March the TB Team is holding a TB Awareness Day at Arc Light starting at 12.30pm in the café where they hope to engage with people who can find it difficult to access healthcare services.

The TB team will also be able to offer help and advice to other services in York who work with “hard to reach” groups and help to develop and plan for more effective processes for early recognition and treatment of TB.

City of York Council’s Director of Health and Wellbeing, Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones said: “TB is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs, although it can affect any part of the body.  Despite many assumptions TB is one of the major infectious disease problems in the world.  Last year more deaths occurred from TB than at any time in the UK over the last 20 years TB has been slowly increasing in the UK.”

In 2013 there were 11 confirmed cases of TB in York.

TB symptoms include:

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss;
  • Having a persistent cough which gets progressively worse over several weeks or months;
  • Bringing up phlegm, sometimes with blood;
  • Being unusually tired;
  • Having a fever, most often at nights.

If you are concerned you may have TB contact the TB Team on 01904 555734 or email for advice on assessment and screening.

24 March 2014

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