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Our services

Anaesthetics at Scarborough and Bridlington

The department of anaesthetics is a part of the directorate for anaesthetics, theatres and critical care.  We provide peri-operative medical care to surgical patients, assessing their fitness for anaesthesia and surgery, optimising their general condition, anaesthetising them and managing their post-operative pain and other systemic problems.

We provide these services at Scarborough Hospital, where most of the major surgical procedures take place.

At Bridlington Hospital, we run a 23 hour day care surgical centre, taking care of patients for various procedures including joint replacements and laparoscopic and laser surgeries.

Surgical services currently supported include general surgery (including colo-rectal), orthopaedics and trauma, obstetrics and gynaecology, ENT, dental, maxillo-facial surgery, ophthalmology and urology.

We have a 5-6 bedded intensive care unit, where we look after critically ill patients.

We provide an on-demand epidural service for labour pain relief.

We also provide acute and chronic pain management services at both Scarborough and Bridlington hospitals.


  • Assessment for fitness for Anaesthesia and Surgery
  • Peri-operative management of Surgical Patients
  • 23 hour stay Day Care Surgical Services at Bridlington hospital.
  • Critical Care Management and Outreach services
  • Support of Surgical High Observation service
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Services
  • On Demand Labour Epidural Analgesia


Anaesthetic Administrator: Mrs Lesley Creasey  01723 342394 
Preassessment at Scarborough 01723 342329
Preassessment and Day Care surgery at Bridlington 01262 423130


1st Floor, Scarborough Hospital, near the operating theatres.

Meet the Team

Name Special Interest  
Dr Sleeba Jacob Consultant Anaesthetist and Chronic Pain Specialist
Dr Tim Adams   Clinical Director of Anaesthetics, Theatres and Critical Care, Obstetrics and Trauma  
Dr Jo Jaidev   Clinical Lead for Critical Care, Enhanced Recovery after Gynaecological Surgery, Trauma Anaesthesia
Dr Ben Chandler Departmental Audit, Lead, Critical Care
Dr Jenny King Colo-Rectal and Emergency Anaesthesia
Dr Mariappan Sivakumar   General and Regional Anaesthesia
Dr John Mensah  Intensive Care, Orthopaedic and Obstetric anaesthesia, Enhanced recovery and early warning systems  
Dr Jeremy Normandale Obstetric and Gynaecology and Orthopaedic anaesthesia
Dr Andrzej Sladkowski College Tutor, Intensive Care, orthopaedic anaesthesia  
Dr Ian Tring    Paediatric, Dental and Colo-rectal anaesthesia  
Dr Pulak Paul    Day case anaesthesia, Critical Care
Dr Tara Mane  Critical Care, Trauma   
Dr Don Jones

Chronic Pain. (Part time)  

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For further information about anaesthetics click here to be taken to the NHS Choices website.

York Hospital

For more information on our Anaesthetic services at York Hospital please follow this link.

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