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Laboratory Medicine


Contacts for the Cytology Service:

For general result and specimen enquiries, clinical advice and key contact details for the cytology service: Click Here

Turn Round Times for Reports

The following times given are the minimum time taken to process and produce a typed report. Inquiries regarding reports should not be made in advance of the minimum time. If an urgent report is required, this should be clearly indicated on the request form and a telephone or bleep number should be given.

Currently the turnaround times for gynaecological samples is a round 5 weeks, this is a national problem due to exceptionally high numbers of samples received.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Sample  Minimum Turnaround Time 
Gynaecological Cytology

98% of samples are reported within 14 days of collection.

In accordance with NHSCSP Guidelines

Non-gynaecological Cytology

80% of samples are reported within 7 days of collection and 90% within 10 days.

In accordance with RCPath Guidelines

Surgical Histology Specimens 3 days from receipt
Fine Needle Aspirates:  rapid verbal reporting 30 mins from receipt after agreement with the reporting pathologist.

Samples referred to other laboratories

Any non-gynaecological samples with appropriate clinical information may require haematological investigations which are not available at York Hospital.

These specimens will be received fresh into the York cytology laboratory and are transported to HMDS Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust without undue delay (i.e. the same day). If a sample only requires investigations to be undertaken at HMDS they should be sent to the Haematology laboratory who will forward the specimen.

The final report will be sent to the requesting clinician and a copy sent to our requesting pathologist. The turnaround times from HMDS are routinely 1.6 days for CSF samples and 3.2 days for tissue aspirates and effusions.

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