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Faeces Collection

Use pots with a collecting spoon.

Suggestions for collection of faeces specimens:

When opening your bowels please use one of the following collection methods. It is of paramount importance NOT to scoop the specimen from the toilet basin as this will be contaminated and may lead to false results.

1. Pass the motion or part of the motion into a suitable container (e.g. clean margarine container or child’s potty.)

2. With the spoon attached to the lid scoop some of the motion into the specimen container. Do not fill more than half full.

For certain tests the container needs to be at least a quarter full.

Make sure the lid is securely fastened and the pot placed in the polythene bag provided.

3. On completion, empty the remaining faeces into the toilet and:-

a) Wrap the disposable container in a newspaper and place it in the dustbin or

b) Using hot soapy water thoroughly wash, rinse and dry the potty using disposable kitchen roll or similar.

4. Please ensure that the person’s identity is written clearly on the label of the specimen container.


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