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Laboratory Medicine

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Blown clotted serum, gel barrier and EDTA

Common AbbreviationsCRYO
Tube typeBlown clotted serum, gel barrier and EDTA
Clinical IndicationA cryoglobulin is a serum protein that precipitates at temperatures lower than body temperature. Cryoglobulinaemia is characterized by the presence of cryoglobulins in the serum. Most cryoglobulins are polyclonal immunoglobulin complexes, but nearly half are monoclonal, usually IgM.
Specimen TypeBlood
Sample typeSerum and EDTA plasma
Minimum Volume2mL
Special PrecautionsThe phlebotomist should telephone Blood Sciences Specimen Reception to arrange delivery of a pre-warmed sample tube when a cryoglobulin is requested. A member of laboratory staff will then bring the pre-warmed sample tube into which the blood sample should be collected. The sample must be kept as near to 37°C as possible after collection and brought to the laboratory immediately.
Stability NA
Turnaround TimeInpatient: 2 weeks Outpatient/ GP: 2 weeks
Reference IntervalInterpretative result provided
Limitations NA

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