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Combined therapy service for children and young people

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists work with children and young people, helping them to carry out the activities that they need or want to do, in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We can offer children with various needs positive, fun activities to improve their cognitive (thinking), physical and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. This unique approach makes Occupational Therapy a vital part of health care for some children.


Physiotherapy helps develop or restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when an infant, a child or young person is affected by injury, illness, developmental delay or other disability.

Physiotherapists assess and treat children and young people helping them achieve mobility and function.


When your child is referred to the Therapy Service, they may need only one of these therapies or a combination of both. Clinical staff will have decided who you need to see on your first visit to the Service and the details of this are on your appointment letter.

Your first appointment

During the initial interview, the therapist will gather further information about your child or young person and your family, to gain a better under-standing of your child’s current development and the nature of your concern. They will also ask for some background in-formation. This will include birth details, any health issues, general development and family history. They will record this information.

Younger children will be able to play whilst the therapist gathers information, and if they are older then the therapist may talk to them about what they think the difficulties are.


During the assessment process, the therapist will use one or more of many different methods to assess relevant skills. These methods may include observing your child, playing with toys, looking at pictures or undertaking physical activities.

The therapist may also wish to talk to your child’s nursery/playgroup or school teacher, to get a clearer idea of how your child functions there.


Following assessment, the therapist will discuss the findings with you and possibly with other professionals involved, e.g. pre-school or school staff, and explain the results. Part of this discussion will include what intervention, if any, your child needs and how it will be carried out.

What next?

The following are examples of what may happen following the assessment. Depending on your child’s needs, one or more of these options may be selected in a discussion between you and the therapist and possibly with your child’s school or pre-school:

  • advice and support in the management of your child’s needs
  • a programme of activities to carry out at home
  • a programme of activities to be carried out in school or preschool setting
  • training of other professionals to meet your child’s needs
  • a review appointment to check your child’s progress after a few months
  • a block of regular individual or group sessions
  • your child may be discharged from further follow up
  • therapists sometimes use specialist equipment and mobility aids.

The therapist may also recommend that your child is seen by another member of the Therapy Service.

Any questions

Your opinion is important to us and you will be asked to complete questionnaires during and/or at the end of your treatment to provide us with valuable feedback .

We know that you know your child best and we can only help them by listening to what you tell us and by getting your views. Please ask questions if you are unsure, or if you don’t think you have sufficient information.

Contact us

Physiotherapy direct line: 01904 726753

Occupational Therapists direct line: 01904 726599

We know that you know your child best and we can only help them by listening to what you tell us and by getting your views. Please ask questions if you are unsure, or if you don’t think you have sufficient information.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.




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