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Should I still go to work?

We cannot offer individual advice about your work. Please speak to your employer to discuss working arrangements if you are at high risk.
You should follow government advice, for example working from home, if possible.  You should also contact occupational health if available at your workplace.

If you have been assessed as very high risk then you are advised to shield.  Please follow the government guidelines available on their website.

What if I am showing symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in close contact with someone who has it?

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE HOSPITAL OR YOUR GP’S SURGERY IF YOU HAVE A CONTINUOUS COUGH AND/OR A FEVER. You should self-isolate and follow NHS advice, which is continuously updated click for guidance.

If you develop a viral infection, immunosuppressants will need to be paused, as with any infection.  If you are off your immunosuppressant medication for longer than two weeks please inform your rheumatology team.  Of particular note, steroids should NOT be stopped suddenly if you have taken them for more than four weeks.

Shielding and education

If you have school age children and are shielding please see the government advice in this link.

Useful Websites

Return to rheumatology Covid-19 response page

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We are taking every precaution to keep those most vulnerable safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For all guidance and updates, visit our Coronavirus information page.