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Encouraging Others

Sometimes you may find yourself reflecting on your life and thinking about the future. This can be at a major point in your life, such as the birth of a child, reaching a milestone birthday, having an accident or losing someone close to you. In the same way that we plan for other life events, why wouldn’t we all create a plan for the future?

"A conversation now could make all the difference in the future"

Earphones - Hospital Radio 2Talking about your future wishes doesn’t need to be a daunting conversation; having a chat over the dinner table or over drinks with loved ones can help everyone open up about their wishes and expectations for the future. You may learn things you didn’t know about your loved ones and your future self may thank your present self someday.

There are many ways to get the conversation started! Don’t feel like you have to have the entire conversation at once. Just ask: 

  • "My health is good right now, but I would like to talk to you sometime about what I’d want if I were sick and needed you to make decisions for me?”
  • “I have just filled out a workbook about my wishes for future healthcare and I would like to share it with you?”

  • “How are you feeling about the future?”

Find an example from people you know:

  • “Does anyone know how June’s sister died? No one ever talked about it. I wonder if she died at home or in hospital”

  • “Do you remember my friend Ben who was in a coma for a while? I wonder if there were any conversations or argument about whether or not he would wish to be kept on a Ventilator”

  • “Jean's daughter has asked her to write down her choices for healthcare in the future if something happened to her capacity, and I realized that I haven’t told you about my future wishes – we should talk about that”

  • “My Doctor wants me to think about my future care and to make an Advance Care Plan. Will you help me?”

Find an example from the news

  • “Remember the story about that man who was in a coma for years? I would never want that to happen to me”

  • “That story about the family fighting about their mom’s care made me realise that we should talk about these things so the same doesn’t happen to our family”


Think about when you might approach your loved ones – for example, at a family gathering, over a meal, before my next big trip, etc.)


Think about where you might have the conversation – for example, at the kitchen table, at a restaurant, during a walk or drive, at the cottage, etc.)


List the most important things you want to make sure you'll talk about during your conversations what do I want to be sure to say?

Top tip
: don’t fill silences; gaps in conversations can provide people with the opportunity to bring up subjects that are important to them.




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