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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my choices be guaranteed?

No, but your choices will always be considered. Sometimes things can change unexpectedly, like resources not being available to meet a particular need etc. however, please be assured that we will try our hardest to respect your wishes and care for you in the way you have specified.

Can I change my mind about what is included in my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Changes may relate to medication, details of treatment, or where you would like your care to be given. It is important that you discuss any changes with your care professional and that your plan is amended to show these changes.

Who should I share my plan with?

You should share your plan with trusted loved ones who know you and your values best. Ensure you remember to tell them where you have put any important information and documents they may need to know about.

You healthcare providers will also benefit from knowing your Advance Care Plan wishes and decisions and may be able to share (with your permission) with others involved in your care now or in the future, such as your GP and any hospital teams, to ensure your future care is right for you.

Just remember if you do update your Advance Care Plan then make sure people are aware of any changes.

If I go into hospital in the future should I take my plan with me?

Yes. Please show it to the doctor and nurse who admits you so that they know your wishes for your care. Ask them to return it to you as it is your plan and should remain with you.

Who looks after my plan?

Once the plan is prepared, it is yours to carry with you. If you need to see a health care professional you can show it to them so that they will then have details of your illness and your wishes for any care.

How do I prepare my plan?

A health care professional will help you to prepare your plan and to record your wishes but you may want other friends or family to be involved as well. It is important that your views should be made clear to anyone acting on your behalf, including an appointed person with lasting power of attorney.

Is my advance care plan legally binding?

Your advance care plan in itself is not legally binding; it will serve as a guide to those making decisions about your future care. There are some aspects that you can choose to make legally binding, however. Please see the guide below

Legally Binding

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare or Property and Financial Affairs
  • Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT)

Non Legally Binding

  • Advance Statement




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