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 Children's hearing service

  Children services are provided at

  • York hospital
  • Selby Hospital
  • Scarborough hospital
  • Malton hospital
  • Smaller clinics are held at Whitby Hospital

We also hold children’s hearing aid review clinics in York at Applefields School, Hob Moor Oaks Primary School, and Manor Church of England Academy.

Any questions? 

Click here to read some of our most frequently asked questions about the hearing service.

Children's tests and procedures

There are many tests and procedures we can use to help with your child's hearing. Download our leaflet which tells you all about it

Children's hearing tests - how you can help

You can help us by playing a few simple games with your child to help them prepare for a hearing test. 

Click here to find out what you can do to help

Children's hearing aids

Getting fitted for hearing aids

Being fitted with hearing aids is a common occurrence but can cause mixed feelings for children.

Click here to view an easy to read guide to what happens when Ali is told he needs hearing aids.

Changing the tube on your child's hearing aid

Click here to watch a helpful video

Glue ear

Glue ear is one of the most common childhood illnesses. Children under the age of five are the largest group affected, though for some it can persist into adolescence. It is widely accepted that glue ear can cause temporary deafness, delayed speech development in young children and affect children’s behaviour and their educational progress.

Click here to download a useful guide for parents


Some children with glue ear can benefit from having grommets fitted. These are tiny plastic tubes that are put in the eardrum. This is done during a short operation in hospital under general anaesthetic.

Click here for an easy read step by step guide when Harvey gets grommets

Moving from children's to adults services

Once you become an adult your parents or guardian will not longer be involved in any hearing related matters. You can find out more about the changes by downloading our advice leaflet.

Support from charities

There are several charities that provide support for children with hearing problems. 

Click here to find out more about support from charities


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