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 Frequently asked questions about the hearing service

  • What should you do if you have concerns about your child’s hearing?

Speak to your GP or health visitor if you are concerned. They can then arrange a referral for you to be seen in audiology for a hearing assessment. If you are already a patient with audiology please contact our office.

  • What happens if we lose a hearing aid?

If a child’s hearing aid is lost, please telephone to arrange an appointment for a new impression to be taken of your child’s ear. If we can get a replacement set up we will do as quickly as possible. You may then need a further appointment to have the hearing aid fitted. Please note we charge for adult hearing aids that are lost, if a hearing aid is lost repeatedly or damaged through carelessness a charge may be considered.

  • What if the hearing aid doesn’t work?

If you cup your hands around the hearing aid and you don’t hear a whistle, check and change the battery. If you still cannot hear anything you will need to arrange an appointment for the team to have a look at it.

  • What if my child’s ear is sore?

If you suspect that your child is suffering from an ear infection we recommend you see your GP. If you have pain or discharge from the ear you shouldn’t wear the hearing aid until this has resolved. Please check that the earmould is also sitting properly, if this is incorrect it can cause some irritation.

  • My child has lots of wax?

Wax naturally occurs from the skin lining in the ear canal, this is normal and healthy. The body removes the wax by working its way out of the ear canal. When wearing a hearing aid, this can block the passage. Wax is only a problem if your hearing aid is whistling, a new earmould is required, or you feel that it is affecting their hearing. You should see your GP or nurse for advice in removing  - sometimes olive oil is used to soften the wax.



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