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Blood Transfusion

The Blood Transfusion department provides blood products for use in clinical emergencies and routine procedures.  The Blood Transfusion department operates on both the York and Scarborough sites.

Contacts for the Blood Transfusion Service:

For general result and specimen enquiries, clinical advice and key contact details for the Blood Transfusion service: Click Here

Blood Products

For information on Blood Products: Click Here

Test Repertoire

We have a comprehensive repertoire of tests available and we can also arrange for specimens to be sent to other laboratories for measurements not performed at our York or Scarborough sites.

Blood Transfusion test information is available here: Click Here

Blood Transfusion referral laboratories include: Click Here

The importance of correct identification and sample labelling cannot be overstated. Each and every sample MUST be labelled with the Surname, Forename, DOB and Hospital Number (in emergency cases the A&E number will be accepted) or NHS number for primary care patients. When information to identify the patient uniquely is missing or incomplete then a new sample and request form will be required and will cause delays. X R numbers are not acceptable.


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