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Blood Product Information

The Surgical Blood Order Schedule is available for Trust staff through a direct link to Staff Room:Click Here

Other Blood Products

·         Human Albumin – 4.5% and 20% available only after discussion with laboratory staff

·         Fresh Frozen Plasma                       ]           Available only

·         Platelets                                         ]           after discussion

·         Cryoprecipitate                                ]           with laboratory

·         Coagulation Factors                         ]           staff

Other products such as Prothrombin complex (Beriplex) and Novo 7 are available

Further Information

The Removal of Crossmatched Blood from the Blood Bank

Only staff trained in the procedure for electronically signing out products from the Blood Track Kiosk should remove blood from the issue blood fridges.

The Return of Crossmatched Blood to the Blood Bank

Blood may be returned to the Issue Blood bank within 30 minutes of removal. Outside of this time please contact the laboratory or out of hours bleep the duty haematologist. For Key Contact details: Click Here

Emergency O Rh (D) Negative Blood

This is available for any immediate requirements and is located on the top shelf of the Issue Blood Bank. The units must be scanned out using the electronic Blood Track Kiosk

The laboratory MUST be informed

1.     Patient details must be entered on the Luggage Label. For Key Contact details: Click Here

2.     The Luggage Label must be then detached and returned to the laboratory as soon as possible after the blood is used.

Checking Procedure for Blood and Blood Products

Details of this important procedure may be found in the Blood  Transfusion Policies which are available for Trust staff only through a direct link to Staff Room: Click Here

Blood transport

Blood in transit boxes are available for all remote sites and for use on site if blood is expected to be outside of temperature control for more than 30 minutes.

Please place a cool pack in the transit box. Temperature control will be maintained for up to 4 hours

Web page last updated: 3rd February 2017


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