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Supervision of Midwives

Supervision of midwives is a statutory requirement and aims to monitor and support high standards of care being consistently provided to all mothers and babies.

All appointed supervisors are knowledgeable, experienced midwives who have been nominated for a preparation programme and the role by not less than 15 of their peers.

Supervisors are drawn from all areas and grades of staff. Supervision is a proactive, dynamic and developing field within the Trust.

What can a Supervisor offer you?

  • The team of supervisors can also offer you support if needed in the form of an on-call service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Midwives  and women can expect interactions with supervisors to remain confidential unless the supervisor advises that she is unable to maintain that confidentiality for a specific reason.
  • Supervisors can act as a source of professional knowledge and expertise. They will be motivated, trustworthy and committed to women centered, evidence based practice. Supervisors are approachable, articulate and able to assist you in resolving difficulties or conflict.
  • Supervisors are advocates for the profession, the public, the service and midwives on an individual basis. As such the team of supervisors will support Midwives in their role as an advocate for women, and can directly support women when requested.

What else do Supervisors do?

Supervisors are involved in many activities which may include;

  • Practice / guideline development
  • Risk management
  • Teaching / training sessions
  • Discussion forums
  • Service development / facilitating change
  • Audit / monitoring local services and statistics
  • Investigate serious clinical incidents, report to LSA
  • Contribute to clinical governance
  • Assist in discussions with women who make care choices outside the recognized pathways, ensure the choices they make are fully informed.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in everyday practice

Can members of the public contact Supervisors directly?

Yes they can, contact the Labour ward at Scarborough on (01723) 342124 and ask for the on call Supervisor of Midwives or York Hospital switchboard (01904) 631313. It is likely your details will be taken and the on call Supervisor will then telephone you.


Women are able to access Supervisors of Midwives for support on any issue of concern they feel their own Midwife cannot help with.

You can access the Supervisors of Midwives strategy here.


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