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Trainee Nurse Associates

Trainee Nursing Associate Blog

"My journey in becoming a nursing associate started back in November last year when I saw the advert for the role in one of the monthly newsletters.  This fantastic opportunity caught my eye immediately.  I began to read the advert and thought yes this is the right journey for me to enhance my career and carry on making a difference within the NHS.

I" was working in the Emergency department, York, at the time where I was a healthcare care assistant.  The emergency department was where I had always wanted to be from starting out in my career in 2014.

"During my first phase of training I have learned a whole new line of skills and gained the underlying knowledge of tasks that I never thought I would.  I have been given great opportunities to visit areas outside of my placement area which has helped me understand the patient journey more in depth.

"Although the skills and experience I have gained as a healthcare assistant abled me to care for our patients to best of my ability I feel that the nursing associate role will fit very well within the workforce of the NHS in the future.

"Every Wednesday I join the other trainee nursing associates at York University where we can discuss our progress in our new role and provide support for each other where needed.  University a year ago seemed such a frightening experience, given the time I have been out of education, but now it’s the best decision I have made so far in my career.  We have lectures all day which give us the education behind our trainee nursing associate role.  The university team are enthusiastic about this new role which is great for us to hear.

"Whilst undergoing training in my placement area and university, I have been given an opportunity to share our experiences and thoughts with other pilot sites across the country as part of the community of practice which I will be attending every four months.

"Again, I would like to say that I am really enjoying this opportunity that we have been given.

"So for any of my colleagues who are wanting expand on their skills and knowledge in the future, I really hope you will have the opportunity to experience the highs and yes, sometimes lows of the trainee nursing associate role.

"To end, I would just like to say thank you again to the chief nurse team and everyone else  involved for supporting and believing in us for the future of nursing associates."


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