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Interview Hints and Tips

If your application has been shortlisted, you've cleared a very significant hurdle - you have the recruiting manager's interest! Typically, the next step for shortlisted candidates will be to attend interview, it is quite normal for people to feel anxious about interviews, but a lot of that anxiety can be alleviated with careful preparation.

We have summarised some key points below for you to consider during your interview with us.



Breathe- While some nerves are good, you do not want to be overcome by fear

Be clear -  This is not just about speaking calmly and audibly - it is also about letting the panel know what point you are making, and why. Make a point of linking what you say to the requirements of the job you have applied for.

Leave modesty behind - This interview is about you, so don't say 'we' when you really mean 'I'. Giving specific examples from your own experience is important; because it shows an ability to learn and develop and helps you steer clear of vague statements. Remember, the most important part of an interview is to sell yourself, and to show why you are right for the job.

Whether you get the job will be as much down to your personality and enthusiasm as it will to your skills and experience, and the answers you give.

Ask Questions - Don’t forget that this is also your chance to see if the role is suitable for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, for example about the role or development prospects.

Don’t Rush - make sure you give yourself sufficient time to reply to each question to the best of your ability. Do not feel that you have to rush your answers. If you do not fully understand a question, do not be afraid to ask the interviewer for clarification.


Ask us for feedback - We will always be happy to give as much detailed feedback as possible regardless of whether you are successful or not, to help you improve for any future interviews

Try to remember the  questions and your responses, as this may help you to improve your performance in the future. Whether successful or not, ask for feedback so you can learn from the experience and prepare for the next step.

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