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Work with us

Many people think of working for the NHS as just Doctors and Nurses. We want to show you the diverse range of careers available to you. You can enter the NHS whatever your background, previous work experience and qualifications. And once you are in the NHS, we'll work with you to develop your career, and fulfil your potential.

We hope to inspire people to think of York Hospital as an 'Employer of Choice' by showing you the diverse range of careers available.

Our People

What better way to find out more information about the roles we have available than from the people who are doing them already?



Values for Healthcare Quiz

A career in a support role offers many different job opportunities in a wide range of settings.

Are you considering a career in a support role or are you about to apply for a Bands 1-4 job at our trust?

We recommend you try the 15 minute challenge. This provides a set of questions that you might be faced with every day in the Trust, together with possible ways to respond. We’re interested in what you would naturally do, so do give your initial response. At the end you will receive detailed personal feedback that will tell what values you display strongly and recommendations on what you can improve on.

Unsure about your Career?

Map Your Career Quiz and find out which healthcare career might suit you within York Teaching Hospital. Please also visit Step into the NHS to find out more about the opportunities available, the information detailed explains what each role entails and the qualifications (if any) you require in order to fulfil the role you are interested in.




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