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Work with us

Name CE Brazil

Job Title Midwife

Department Maternity

I am a Rotational Midwife, that means I move from ward to ward spending a few months on each. On the antenatal ward we care for women who for various reasons need to be in hospital at some

point during their pregnancy. Sometimes they have medical problems and need monitoring and care and then go home to await the birth of their baby. Other women have to stay in hospital until their baby is born. This type of work is very varied. When I work on Labour Ward, I am usually caring for 1 or 2 women who are in labour. We try to give women one to one care, but sometimes it is busy so we have two women. I care for them during their labour and if everything is normal I deliver their babies working quite independently, monitoring the baby's heartbeat and administering drugs. If the woman needs a Caesarean Section then I go to theatre with her and support her and her partner. This type of work involves working with Doctors and the Theatre Team. Following either the woman's normal delivery or her operation I then look after her and her baby until she has recovered enough to move to the Postnatal Ward. When I work on the Postnatal Ward, I care for the needs of women, their families and babies, including feeding and showing the women how to care for the babies, helping them in their transition to parenthood. All areas of midwifery involve good communication skills and record keeping.

Prior to applying to university as a mature student I had to complete an Access to Healthcare Course at York College. A-level students need at least 3 A-levels in relevant subjects at various grades depending on the university of choice.


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