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Sarah Zajac

Name - Sarah Zajac

Current department and job role - Trainee Biomedical Scientist in Blood Science Pathology

Department and job role whilst completing apprenticeship - I began as an assistant and have just been offered a trainee Biomedical Scientist role which will begin next month

Name and level of apprenticeship completed/working on - Healthcare Science degree at The University of Bradford.

Date of completion - May 2020

How did you come to undertake an apprenticeship?

I have been working in Pathology as a medical laboratory assistant for 7 years. Part of my role involved supporting Biomedical Scientists in the day to day running of the various disciplines within pathology. The professional role of the Biomedical Scientist inspired me to want to further my career. To enable me to do this I began a self funded degree in Healthcare Science at Bradford University as there was no apprentice  scheme at that point. Prior to beginning my third year, the apprentice scheme was made available to pathology and I was able to transfer.  

What are/were your tasks while you were undertaking your apprenticeship?

My job role as an MLA remained the same whilst studying in the first two years, but as a registration portfolio is a required element of the course this will require additional training in order to meet the HCPC standards.

As I have now become a trainee Biomedical Scientist my job role will change and when I finish the degree in 2020 I will up and ready to work as a fully qualified Biomedical Scientist.

How are/were you supported throughout your apprenticeship (by your manager, the training provider and any additional support you needed – maybe any impact this had on your home life if any)?

I currently receive support with a paid day off and travel expenses once a week to attend lectures at Bradford. Within the lab I have received study time and mentorship to enable me to develop my knowledge and skills.

What happened at the end of your apprenticeship, or what are your plans for the end of your apprenticeship?

I hope to pass all requirements of the degree and this will enable me to become a fully qualified, HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist.

What advice would you give someone in your position who is thinking about undertaking an apprenticeship?

Although it’s a lot of hard work, it’s a brilliant opportunity and will be worth all the effort when I qualify. It’s a great department to work in and I look forward to a career in this discipline.


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Blood taking, York Hospital

Due to COVID-19, from Monday 6 April the Phlebotomy service at York Hospital outpatient department will be closed until further notice.

We will continue to offer a blood taking services for patients who have urgent bloods requests only, at the nearby Nuffield Hospital. The urgency will have been identified during your medical appointment. Please access the Nuffield Hospital via the main reception and from there you will be directed to Phlebotomy. Please take a seat and wait to be called.

Patients who have routine blood test for yearly check-ups should not attend. Instead, please contact your GP to request an appointment at the GP surgery for your bloods to be taken.

Maternity services

If you are due to have a baby, please visit our website for up to date information about maternity services at this time

Haematology and Oncology services

With effect from Monday 6 April there will be temporary changes to the Haematology and Oncology services at Scarborough and York Hospital.  These decision have been made on the grounds of patient safety in the current coronavirus pandemic.  Find out more here.

Visiting cancelled

Due to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus across the UK, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has made the decision to cancel all visiting to all its hospital sites in order to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

There are three exemptions to the ruling which are for one parent of a sick child under 18, for the partner of a woman giving birth and end of life patients at the discretion of the ward sister.

We would ask people to respect this decision and to treat our staff, who will be enforcing the visiting restrictions, with courtesy and respect.  For more information visit our website.

Outpatient appointments

We know that NHS services will come under intense pressure as the coronavirus spreads, and as a Trust we need to redirect staff, free up staff for refresher training and carry out any works as necessary, so we are able to maximise capacity for patients for when the number of infections peak.  We also need to reduce the number of people coming into our hospitals to protect our patients, as well as keeping our staff safe, well and able to come into work.

To do this, with effect from Tuesday 24 March 2020, along with other trusts in the Humber Coast and Vale partnerships, we have made the collective decision to suspend all non-urgent routine outpatient appointments for at least three months.  Urgent and emergency cases and cancer appointments will be carrying on as normal.

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your understanding.  We know many people waiting for treatment will be disappointed or worried but please not contact the hospital as we will be contacting everyone directly affected in the coming days and weeks.

If you do not receive a letter or a phone call from the hospital, please turn up for your scheduled appointment as normal unless you have symptoms of coronavirus, a cold, flu or norovirus in which case you should contact us to cancel your appointment by clicking here.