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Time for a new car? Treat yourself and get one through Salary Sacrifice!

We have two partners to choose from, check out the details below on how to sign up. 

Don't qualify to use the car benefit scheme?

Sadly, the Car Benefit schemes we have to offer are not available to all members of staff due to reasons beyond our control. However, we are pleased to announce we have just partnered up with Arnold Clark, who offer a personal car lease to all members of staff (not via salary sacrifice)

Click here to visit our dedicated Arnold Clark web page to find out more

Wanting to purchase a car and not lease?

We've partnered up with Motor Source Group to offer staff some fabulous NHS discounts when purchasing a brand new car -you can save thousands!

Click here to visit the dedicated Motor Source Group web page to find out more

Tusker/ CPC Drive Car Lease Scheme

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Important Notice:

Due to circumstances beyond the control of CPC Drive lead times of vehicles can be upwards of 30 plus weeks. 

Some of the issues causing this are:

  • Covid restrictions in the car manufacturing plants
  • Staff still being furloughed in the car manufacturing plants 
  • Global microchip shortage putting a hold on vehicles being made 
  • The UK no longer being in the EU.

Please be aware of this if you are due to renew an existing vehicle lease or if you require a car sooner

Why choose CPC Drive?

The Tusker Car Benefit Scheme allows you to drive a brand new car via a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.

By using a salary sacrifice arrangement, the average tax saving across our customers in 2021 was £214 per month.

What sets us apart

• No deposits required
• Routine servicing & maintenance
• Fully comprehensive motor insurance
• Replacement tyres included
• Fixed monthly amounts
• Tax & NI savings available on electric vehicles
• Protections in place if you leave your employer

And all our pricing is calculated specific to your personal details such as salary, age and where you live. So remember, it’s always worth checking what’s included when you get any quote.

How to sign up:

Prepare yourself an online quote and see the full range of cars available by visiting and use company code YTH1 (trust employees) and YTH2 (facilities management LLP) and your payroll number


Need help or advice?

For more information, click here to view the Tusker/CPC contact numbers list for a specific department or call us on 0333 400 7431 or email 

To add business insurance for you or any other named driver please call CPC Drive/Tusker Directly

For more information on the Tusker/ CPC Drive Car lease scheme checkout the following links:

Learn more about the CPC Car Scheme: Click here to download the CPC Drive Car Benefit Scheme Guide

What is Benefit in Kind? Click here to see Tuskers video explanation on what Benefit in Kind tax or company car tax is and how it is paid

Curious about going electric? Click here to see Tuskers video explanation of the most cost effective way to drive an electric car

Ordering your car with Tusker? Click here to see Tuskers video explanation of the complete life cycle when ordering your car

Want to know more about getting a home charge point fitted? Click here to find out more about the government scheme that offers a grant towards the purchase and installation of a charging point at home

Understanding Benefit in Kind: Click here to find out more about Benefit in Kind on the car salary sacrifice scheme

Fleet Solutions Car Lease Scheme


Important Notice: 

Due to a global supply chain issue and component shortages, manufacturers are experiencing delays and therefore vehicle lead-times have increased.

Please be assured that we will work hard with the manufacturers/dealerships to ensure your chosen vehicle is delivered as quickly as possible as well as keeping you updated with the progress of your order as best we can.

We do have a number of vehicles on Special Offer that are less affected by these delays. You can view these and obtain quotations on them via our Specials Offer page

Why choose Fleet Solutions? 

  • Fleet Solutions offer the leading salary sacrifice lease car scheme for the NHS and other public sector organisations
  • Surplus income remains within the public sector
  • Over 75,000 vehicles ordered
  • Over 15 years experience

How to sign up:

Be first to know about exclusive deals, and special offers, by creating an account – NO obligation whatsoever

  1. Register at
  2. Click on ‘Login/Register’ button on the Home page.
  3. Then click ‘Create account’ and complete details.
  4. You will need your organisation’s VPD code - 419 
  5. You will then be emailed a link to login.
  6. Then click on ‘Get a quote’ and browse all vehicles available, including special offers.

All information on salary sacrifice is contained on the website. Please confirm that you are happy to receive regular information by email, so we can send you news of special offers as they occur

Need help or advice? 

For more information, call us on 0344 811 8228 or email

Alternatively, click here to view our FAQ's page 

For more information on the Fleet Solution Car lease scheme checkout the following links:

Welcome to Fleet: Click here to find out how to sign up to Fleet and how it works with a virtual tour of their website

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is where an employee chooses to give up part of their salary for a given period of time in return for a benefit provided by the employer, the value of which is exempt from Tax and National Insurance contributions.

To read more about Salary Sacrifice click here

Need Help?

Unsure which scheme to choose, have a question or experiencing issues? The Staff Benefits team are here to help! Please contact us by emailing or telephone 01904 721170

Click here to return to the Staff Benefits homepage

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