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Practice Education Team

Non-Medical Healthcare Professional students

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust works with Universities to support practice experiences for students on professional undergraduate programmes.  The majority of these students are studying within Yorkshire and Humber Universities. We have capacity to offer opportunities to students from outside the county, however as we have a large intake of students from the Yorkshire and Humber region these opportunities are very small and would be considered only after reviewing the current number of students on placement.  We also have to consider the number of other learners in the practice areas to ensure we maintain quality patient care and learning experiences.

What are non-medical professional students?

These students are currently studying on an undergraduate programme at University in order to become a Healthcare Professional and require practice experiences to support their academic study. These can be professions such as Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Radiology, Audiology, ODP, Speech & Language Therapists, Clinical Scientists, Paramedics & Podiatrists.  All these students are allocated placements within the organisations as agreed with the Regional Universities.

Patient involvement

In order to develop their skills to become professional healthcare workers, the students need to experience caring for patients within the NHS Trust, if they are not able to do this they may not develop the skills required to care for patients in the future.   If students do not achieve the required standard of knowledge, skills and attitude then they will not complete their programmes to become professionals.

Students will be managing patient care with an experienced supervisor in the practice areas.In practice, the majority of patients are happy to have the involvement of students in their care; however, patients may request that students are not present during procedures or investigations. This decision will be respected and will not affect care or treatment given at the time or in the future. 

Practice supervisors are also keen to hear patients' views and comments on the student’s skills and may be requested to offer an evaluation of their care in order for the student’s to learn.  This will only be done if the patient wishes to and should patients have any concerns or queries they can raise them with the staff responsible for your care.Patient experiences are a valuable tool in supporting the future healthcare professions.

Practice Education Team and placements

Within the organisation, the Practice Education Team are a team of healthcare professional staff and administrative support that monitor the quality of the student experiences and work with the professional healthcare staff to offer support, guidance and facilitation to maintain the quality learning experience. They review the practice placement quality assurance of all the practice experiences and support students and staff in developing their skills.  The team also monitor the quality of the placements to ensure the organisation continue to meet Health Education England and Professional standards.

Student’s studying outside of Yorkshire and Humber region

We will support students who are studying at a University outside of the Yorkshire and Humber region who request placements but our priority will be to those we have already agreed to support. We receive a high volume of requests for practice experiences within the organisation and requests from students outside of practice experience agreements will only be considered if we can maintain our quality learning environment and the practice experience staff agree to offer support.

During the months of January to March we will have limited placement experiences as the organisation will be concentrating on maintaining quality care during periods of high demand.

If you wish to request a practice experience within the organisation you would need to meet the following criteria.

  • Provide evidence of attending an undergraduate healthcare professional programme with an established  and NMC/HCPC validated professional study of learning at a UK University
  • Meet all Occupational Health, DBS and training requirements
  • Provide evidence of support from own tutor
  • Sign an Honorary agreement  to meet the organisational terms and conditions

For further information please email the Practice Education Team.

The Practice Education Team monitor the quality of the student experiences and work with professional healthcare staff to offer support, guidance and facilitation to maintain the quality learning experience.


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