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Patient leaflets on Preparing for Surgery


What you need to know when coming into hospital for surgery
This leaflet gives information about how to get ready for your surgery and what to expect on the day of your operation.

Enhanced recovery pre-operative carbohydrate loading
This leaflet is to give you more information on how to take the carbohydrate drinks before surgery. You will be prescribed these drinks at your pre-operative assessment.

Incentive Spirometer
This leaflet is aimed at patients who have been given an incentive spirometer before their operation.

Injectable Anticoagulants
This leaflet is about an injectable form of anticoagulant that thins your blood. It may be given to patients during and after hospital admission.

Epidurals and Patient Controlled Anaesthesia (PCA) for pain relief after surgery

This leaflet gives basic information to help you prepare for your pain relief after your operation.

Opioid Type Pain Killers
This leaflet is about opioid type pain killers that can be given to patients during and after hospital admission.

Recovering from major abdominal surgery
This is a guide about physiotherapy and exercise which will help you in your recovery after major abdominal surgery. Major abdominal surgery is when you have had either a large cut (incision) in your abdomen or complex keyhole surgery on your bowel or abdominal wall.

Post-operative Confusion
After surgery, some people may experience confusion, also known as ‘delirium’. This leaflet gives you some brief information on what may cause this and how our patients can prepare for it.

Your Child's Anaesthetic

Information leaflet about your child's anaesthetic

Caudal Anaesthesia

This leaflet should help you understand a caudal anaesthetic (also known as a ‘caudal block’).

My Going to Surgery- Puzzle Book

My Going to Surgery- Colouring Book

Preparing for complex abdominal wall hernia surgery


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