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Infection prevention and control (IPC)

Ensuring strict infection prevention and control practice in hospitals is essential to stop the spread of infection and both patients and staff have important roles to play in protecting themselves and others.

We are working hard to reduce infections and make our hospitals as safe as possible for our patients.  We do this by focusing on prevention, practices, and procedures.  We monitor the clinical practice of our staff regularly to ensure the highest standards.

  • If you are able, keep your bed area tidy to help our staff
  • Avoid touching your dressings, catheters, drips and medical equipment
  • Send dirty clothing home in a sealed plastic bag as soon as possible
  • Encourage visitors NOT to come if they are ill
  • Ask the staff caring for you whether they have cleaned their hands - they really do not mind
  • Use the hand cleaning facilities at every bedside and ward entrance and encourage your visitors to do so as well
  • Please clean your hands before meals and wash them after you’ve used the toilet
  • Please do not sit on another patient’s bed.

Screening for MRSA

We want to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infection to people who come into our hospitals, including MRSA.  Infections can occur at any time but you may be particularly vulnerable to infection if you are having an operation or procedure.

MRSA is carried by about one in three people and lives on the surface of our skin, or in our nose.  Most people carry this without developing an infection.  However it can cause serious problems for some people so we work to reduce the risk of spread of infection by screening all patients before an operation or procedure.  Swabs will be taken to test for MRSA and a course of treatment will be arranged if necessary.

Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) annual report

The Chief Nurse of York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is designated as the Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC), a role outlined in the Hygiene Code 2006 (revised 2009). The DIPC produces an annual report, our most recent report can be accessed here.

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