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Food & Nutrition

When you are in hospital food and drink is vital medicine and mealtimes are often the main focus of your day.

Patients who are well nourished, recover quicker, are able to go home sooner and more likely to stay well resulting in fewer hospital admissions

It is important that patients are not only well nourished but they have a choice of food appropriate to their individual needs and that they receive the assistance required to eat and drink.

Meal times

Meal times may vary during your stay in hospital, but they are usually at the following times:

  • Breakfast - 7.30am to 9am
  • Lunch - 12 noon to 1.15pm
  • Supper - 4.30pm to 6pm


We provide thousands of patient meals every day. A significant proportion of patients have special dietary needs which are also catered for.

Our menus offer a range of dishes designed to meet different tastes and dietary needs. We always offer a vegetarian option. If you need a special diet for religious or other reasons, we can provide this for you.

If you require any assistance about diet please ask the ward staff to contact the Catering Manager or Dietitian.

On the menu, there are letters by each meal to show which diets are suitable for you, for example, LF = low fat and D = diabetic. We serve hot drinks during the morning, afternoon and evening and after each meal.

Unfortunately, we do not have fridges which you can use, so please ask your visitors not to bring you any food which will go off.


Drinking water is provided throughout the day for patients.  

Hot drinks are served during the morning, afternoon, evening and after each meal.

Schemes currently in place

Schemes currently in place include:

  • Protected mealtimes during which patients are left to eat without interruption from staff
  • A red tray initiative for patients who may need more help with their meal
  • Red jugs for patients who require extra hydration
  • Dining companions go on to wards at mealtimes to help staff serve older patients their food, gently encouraging patients to eat and helping make meal times more sociable


Nutrition is one of the Trust’s priorities and there is a wealth of work taking place across our hospitals to ensure that our patients receive the nutrition and hydration that they need.


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