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Mobile phones, laptops and tablets

We encourage the widest possible use of mobile communication equipment; these may be be used anywhere except where:

  • Signage is displayed to prohibit use
  • Staff ask you not to

The use of mobile communication equipment is controlled to ensure privacy and dignity. Mobile communication equipment often has other functions and it is the potential for inappropriate photos or videos that could risk compromising this and contravention of human rights and data protection legislation. Child protection, nuisance and health and safety conditions are also considered.  

Picture and video recording is not permitted without appropriate consent.

Any time, we ask that you switch your phone to silent mode or use headphones with laptops/ipads out of respect to patients wishing to rest.

Please note you will not be able to charge your electrical appliances in hospital so will need to ensure other means of battery charging.


The Trust cannot also accept responsibility for loss or damage to patients' belongings.


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While contagious viruses are active year-round, winter is a prime time for norovirus, colds, influenza (flu), and other respiratory illnesses.


These infections are highly contagious, so we urge people to stay away unless their visit is absolutely essential to help reduce the spread of infection within our hospitals.

Hospitals are full of sick people, many of them frail and elderly, so bringing germs into a hospital is the worst thing you can do.  We have an active programme of infection prevention but we can’t spot visitors who really shouldn’t be here.  Please stay at home if you’re unwell to help aid the wellbeing and recovery of our patients.