Caring for your Child

Caring for your Child

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Attend Anywhere (Virtual Appointments)

The Children’s therapy team are offering video consultations to children and families who have been identified by their therapist as someone who may be suitable for this type of appointment.  If you are offered a video appointment this means you can connect with your health professional by a video call on a platform that has been specially developed for healthcare uses, called Attend Anywhere.

attend anywhere

The guidance below will help you to prepare for your child’s video appointment.

Attend Anywhere

  • You can use Attend Anywhere on any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • You will need a web-camera, speakers and microphone - these are often built into laptops or mobile devices
  • A good connection to the internet: If you can watch a video online (e.g. YouTube) you can make a video call
  • A private, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation
  • You will need to use one of the following web browsers:
    • Google Chrome for PC/Mac/all mobile devices
    • Apple Safari for Macs and Apple devices
    • Please note, 'Attend Anywhere' will not work with Internet Explorer.

How do I use Attend Anywhere?

The video below gives you more information about how to use Attend Anywhere.

Before your appointment, you can make sure your device has everything setup as you need.

You will receive the waiting room link for your children’s therapy service either by email, text or letter.

  1. Five minutes before your appointment time, enter this link on your chosen device to begin your appointment. 
  2. You will be taken through a series of steps to ensure that your equipment is set up correctly.
  3. Once the steps have been completed, you will be prompted to enter your child’s name, date of birth and your telephone number. This information is not stored beyond the length of the video call.
  4. Once your child’s details have been entered and you have accepted the terms and conditions, click on the ‘Start Call’ button and you will enter the waiting room until your consultation begins. You will see yourself on the video and hear music. The waiting room is private and you will not see other patients.
  5. When the consultation is ready to begin, your image will shrink and move to the corner of the screen and you will see your clinician.

If you are having trouble, please use the York Patient information leaflet / Scarborough Whitby Ryedale Patient information leaflet which may help solve any problems, alternatively call our admin team who can try and support you through the process.

York admin: 01904 726599

Scarborough/Whitby/Ryedale admin: 01723 342 357 or 01723 342 472

Waiting Rooms

Scarborough, Whitby, Ryedale Children’s Therapy Team waiting room link;

York Children’s Therapy waiting room link:

Helpful Hints

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